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Tuesday 8 July 2014

Learning To Love Your New Body

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Hey let's face it - having kid's can wreak havoc on your body. I mean think about the sagging boobs and stretch marks, the grey hair and bags under the eyes and the fact that for some of us sneezing in public is akin to picking your nose in a restaurant... you just don't want to go there.

Luckily most of us are suckers for the beautiful little people we are blessed with the ability to create and so we not only graciously accept the changes, we go back for more... and more and sometimes even more.

Recently the gang at She Knows and Poise asked me to join a host of bloggers and Mum's in making a video about how childbirth has changed my body including things from battle scars to LBL (light bladder leakage).

I have included my video below but you can visit the She Knows website here to watch the other videos and read open and frank recounts from other mum's. There are also links to articles that cover everything from dealing with the changes to your body and managing issues around LBL, to sex after babies and reconnecting with your partner after childbirth.

Here's a little free advice for you on that subject - lying to your partner like  I *ahem* someone I know did and telling them that the DR says you can't have sex for 6mths is NOT conducive to effective reconnecting.

Just saying.

Anyway here's my video of how I have learned to love or at the very least, get along amicably with my new body.

How has your body held up after Childbirth?