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Thursday 10 July 2014

Just Enjoying Hanging Out With Some Hungry Midgets

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Just for the record, my name is no longer Mum, Mummy, Mama or even Sonia. I am now referred to as James.

Yep James, as in "please drive us to the park James", "to the shops please James" and "where are we going for lunch today James?"

For reals.

The kids have converted our car into a make shift limo by folding down the middle seats and the two younger ones insist on sitting in the back like they are some kind of Royalty.

I have played along with it, partly because it is school holidays but mostly because I am a complete sucker when it comes to those mighty midgets.

I have however drawn the line at allowing them to black out the windows with a sharpie so they can travel in privacy like Rock stars. They've always got to push it that little bit too far you know?

I am going to miss them when they go back to school next week. I'll miss their company, the constant chatter about the strangest of things and I'll miss their entertainment value. Those kids, bless them, know how to make me laugh, like that deep stomach clutching laughter and the eye watering nose snorting kind of guffaw.

I won't however miss them milking me at every available turn nor will I miss the constant dipping into the wallet for food.  MAN those midgets can eat. They are always hungry. It's like their legs and stomachs are some kind of hollow keg on stilts and no matter how much food you shove down there they just need more.

Gone are the days of my little grazing pickers. I am no longer getting away with ordering kid's meals and sharing them amongst the 3. The teenager is still hungry after consuming an adult size meal and the little boys are going through a growth spurt and are practically salivating over our fellow diner's food. They sit there and stare, watching those poor people consume every mouthful like they are starving children. Embarrassing much?

Trust them to go through a growth spurt in the school holidays. The most expensive time to be growing.

We've enjoyed catching up with family and friends these holidays. I mean yes, I would have liked to be baking on a beach in Bali or Fiji or somewhere exotic but it's kind of been fun playing tourist in our own town.

We've been trying out new parks, taking in the sites and grabbing a hot chockie or a bit of lunch at some of the cafes we have walked past like a zillion times but never actually gone into.

It's nice to just loiter locally with nowhere to be in a hurry and no routines or schedules dictating how we spend our daylight hours.

I could get used to this kind of lifestyle,  just hanging out with my hungry midgets.

On a completely random note, have you ever heard of Parrot Tulips?

I did not know they existed but I am mighty pleased I do now.

I am no horticulturalist but I thought I knew a peonie when I saw one. So when I took this little bunch of flowers up to the counter at a florists yesterday and said "I'll take these peonies please" and was told that they are in fact a type of tulip, I was floored.

Pleasantly floored, as they are much cheaper than peonies and just as lust worthy.

I mean have you ever? So pretty.

Just a little tip the florist gave me when it comes to making your tulips last longer, drop a few ice cubes into their water every day. They are cold climate flowers and they like the icy water.

Again... the things you learn huh?

How has your week been so far? 
Have you enjoyed the holidays or are you ready for them to go back?