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Thursday 8 January 2015

A Beach Home To Drool Over... The One From My Dreams

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One of my most favourite holidays ever took place a couple of years ago. We rented a house at Byron Bay with some friends of ours, just 4 adults and 5 kids in one beautifully renovated old house.


Beach, sun, sandy feet, and wet towels flung over the balcony. Cafe brekkies, afternoon bevvies and late night dinners (when we could be bothered) all added to the ultimate holiday vibe.

I know we live on the beaches and yes there are plenty of cafes to eat breakfast at and yes we even have a pool, so we don't really need to be on holidays to enjoy all of the above... but it is a dream of mine to have a holiday home up the coast.

An old beach house that we can do up, with a balcony for towels, a place where friends and family can go and stay, a home where sandy feet are not only allowed but a given.

In my mind when I visualise the future, I see Carl and myself with our three kids, and their partners and their kids all enjoying Christmas at the beach house.

It is always the same image I see and that makes me hopeful that the fact that I can picture it so clearly in my head could just mean that my vision is on the cards for us one day.

I was foofing around on the interwebs the other night when I stumbled across the picture of the home above and it led me to a website which was home to images of not just a beautiful beach house... my dream beach house.

This home has been beautifully decorated by Interior Designer Karen Akers, in a style I absolutely adore. Neutral colours and wood tones, textural elements and... right on the beach.

I die.

This IS my dream holiday home.

One day, I will make that dream a reality.

I just will.

Do you have a picture in your head of what the distant future looks like? Tell me about it?
Do you dream about a beach house too?

All images are by Thomas Dalhoff
This gorgeous home was designed by Interior Designer Karen Akers