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Friday 16 January 2015

Weekend Rewind - Slow Mode

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Well hello Weekend Rewinders! I missed this little linky of ours over the holidays and it is so nice to see everyone returning from holidays and popping up in my feeds again.

We have put a little spin on Weekend Rewind this year - along with from my gorgeous fellow co-hosts Bron (Maxabella Loves)Sonia (Sonia Styling) and Kelly (A Life Less Frantic), we will also be joined each week by a fabulous guest host too.

This week, the beautiful Jodi from JF Gibson - Making Words Count is joining us and if you haven't yet had the pleasure of visiting Jodi's blog... you must put that right straight away as she is one of the kindest and gentlest souls in the blogosphere and her words will often give you whiplash as you madly nod in an "OMG I TOTALLY GET THAT" kind of way.

I am still totally in holiday slow mode here and trying very hard to get back into a work frame of mind, but it is damn near impossible when the pool and that gorgeous Sydney sunshine is right outside my office window.

So I have decided to give in to it a little and I am making a call that January is a month where skiving is totally allowed... encouraged even. 

I mean, it's important to get your daily dose of vitamin D right? *Ahem* right.

As is the way when I am relaxed, my brain goes into overdrive and busts out eleventy million thoughts and ideas, all of which buzz around in my head, desperate to be let out at once. It's hard to even think straight with that much noise going on up there so I thought it was the perfect time to just stop, breathe and Take Stock.

Making: lots of cocktails. You have to try these Kiwi Fruit Margaritas.
Cooking: as little as possible. I have been convincing the hubby he is the world's best BBQer... and he is ... well he is up there at least. What can I say - I am a perve!

Drinking: Ummmm probably far too many Kiwi Fruit Margaritas and Gin and Tonics.
Reading: The Wrong Girl. It has been on my bedside for months and I am still not past chapter one. Every time I try to read I end up falling asleep. 1st World problems huh!
Wanting: a beach house of my very own.
Looking: at the cans of paint in the garage and trying to summons up the energy to start all the painting projects I have on my to do list.
Playing: Candy Crush. Yes STILL! I cannot bloody get past level 597.
Deciding: to go back to Bali next year with my sister from another mister and her family.
Wishing: People would just stop judging each other. Live and let live!
Enjoying: the slower pace. There is a lot to be said for working half days.

Waiting: 6 more nights until my teenager comes home form his QLD holiday. Yes he only left yesterday, but I miss him already.
Liking: the fact that for the first time in 4 years my linen cupboard is totally organised. I keep going back and opening and closing the doors to look at it because it is so... calm in there. No really!
Wondering: when Revenge will grace our TVs again? Soon I hope.
Loving: the fact that come Tuesday I will have been married to my gorgeous hubby for 19 years and I love him even more than I did then... which is something I didn't think was possible.
Pondering: if Vanderpump Rules is scripted because surely people don't really behave like that do they? Glad those guys do though as it makes for some awesome train wreck viewing.
Considering: building a butlers pantry in our kitchen and getting some new carpet.
Watching: my boys growing up far too quickly for my liking. I'm about to have two kids in the double digits. HOW?

Marvelling: at how far my Sam has come the past 12 months and how much more confident he is.
Smelling: the sandalwood I have burning on the back deck. Summer = sandalwood around here.
Wearing: a swimsuit... pretty much every day. I consider it my uniform.
Following: so many gorgeous bloggers - like this one, and this one and this one.
Noticing: my toe nails need some attention.
Knowing: I need to go to bed earlier and I need to drink more water.
Thinking: way too much. I always think way too much!
Hoping: my teenager is being sensible whilst he is in QLD, totally having fun and remembering to brush his teeth.

Feeling: relaxed and excited about the year ahead.
Sorting: pretty much every room and cupboard in this house. I am on a decluttering mission people.
Getting: excited about the kids going back to school and getting back into a routine. Sorry kids!
Bookmarking: Smaggle's key ring ear phone pouch. I am so making one of these!
Disliking: the way that despite my vow not to, I still let people and the silly things they say get to me.
Opening: a bottle of tonic water... to go with my gin. It's after 12 and I'm kinda sorta on holidays.
Giggling: about Em's description of the crash pad. So glad I'm not the only one who does this.
Buying: these things all arrived in the mail this past week or two. I may have had a moment of weakness.. or three.

Admiring: My gorgeous pal Simone's stunning home in Inside Out Style
Feeling: content. Very content.
Snacking: on frozen grapes. Those kids are on to something good with this one.
Wishing: we had the spare cash to afford to buy an old kombi and do it up family project style with the boys. Anyone want to donate one?
Helping: myself to a serving of leftover lasagne. It always tastes better the next day.
Hearing: the awesome sounds of Rufus on my playlist.
Coveting: These gorgeous spaces on Pinterest.

So, what about you - still in holiday mode?
Bought anything special lately?
Coveting anything?

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