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Friday 9 January 2015

But First... Let's Take a Selfie!

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I dragged the kids to the shops yesterday to get some groceries with the promise of a smoothie.

I have resorted to things like that lately... you know, bribing my kids and stuff.

Actually that's a bit of a porky... pfffttt resorted to. I have ALWAYS found bribery to work well for me.

Anyways, I didn't drag myself out of the pool this afternoon to tell you about my wicked parenting techniques, but I did want to tell you how I manage to completely embarrass my kids.. yet again.

You see whilst we were waiting for our smoothies to be made, there was this lovely man selling mobile phone bits and bobs and amongst his bits and bobs were selfie sticks.

Now I have to tell you, I bagged these out when I first saw them, but then suddenly everyone had them and I was all "ohhhh now I want one too".

I am frequently late to the cool cats party when it comes to trendy gizmos... although if you ask my kids these things are so NOT trendy.

"Noooooo Mum, please don't buy it" said the 9 year old.

"I swear, I will never be seen with you again if you use one of them Mum" said the 13 year old.

"PHOTO BOMB" said the 7 year old.

Of course I had to buy it, I mean how could I not? This man was so nice teaching me how to embarrass the kids use it and all that.

And so an afternoon of selfies commenced... followed by a whole lotta head banging and hiding by the older two squids.

Did I mention that two of them have officially disowned me?

Yeah... that will last until they want something from me.

So I am officially in the selfie stick gang.... oh the fun I am going to have embarrassing my boys. I'm thinking a selfie outside the high school with my oldest and most *cough cough* supportive child on the first day back at school. You know to capture his first day of year eight and all that.

Do you own a selfie stick?
if not yet... are you tempted?

A few people have asked me over on Facebook where you can get a selfie stick from - and the answer is pretty much anywhere these days but Down That Little Lane sells Selfie Sticks for $25 bucks including delivery. 

You are SO welcome! ;)