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Monday 19 January 2015

Up The Wall... No Literally!

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You thought I was going to talk about how the kids are sending me school holiday style insane didn't you... well they are so you got that part right, but no... that's not what I am rambling on about today.

You see we are all about renos on a budget this year at the Stackedhouse.. get it - Stackhouse... Stackedhouse... *ahem*.

I am going to be giving our abode a bit of a face lift over the next 12 months via various projects and makeovers. But everything we do has to be done on a pretty tight budget because, well basically I am working with pennies here people.

I have a whole load of projects lined up for DIY wall art on a budget that I will of course share with you, but I am also planning on saving and splashing out a little moolah on a few gorgeous artworks too.

Here's some gorgeous pieces I have my eye on...

Top row from left: Brett from Rachel Castle, Paper White Pineapple from The March Collective, Polly Parrot from Down That Little Lane

Middle row from left: Black Fox Art from Down That Little Lane, Carnival Bunting Print from Freedom, Skull poster from Typo

Bottom row from left: Palm Canyon from Down That Little LanePaper Esplanade Palm from The March CollectiveRainbow 1 form Rachel Castle

Are you an art lover too?
Have you had a go at any DIY art lately?