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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Disclaimer: You Are About To Be Struck Down By Some Serious House Envy

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Let me start by apologising for the severe case of house envy you are about to be struck down with.

Actually... it's a kind of sorry / not sorry type of situation because Hell's Bell's this beautiful home has been haunting my dreams ever since I first copped an eyeful, so I kinda figure that if I have had to deal with it well then... um sharing is caring.

Last week I watched an episode of Grand Designs Australia where a couple and their son created their home of their dreams - as is of course the whole point of that show. They built a stunning pavilion style home with a ginormous flat roof and rooftop succulent garden in the traditionally more conservative Hunters Hill area.

As I sat and watched in complete awe - it was pretty much love at first site and I now have a full blown thing for flat roofed pavilion style homes.

As you do.

I have since spent far too much time wondering how we could transform our own more traditional two story pitched roof home in the suburbs into some kind of wallless pavilion style extravaganza... on ahhh next to no budget.

So far I haven't come up with anything other than realising that I'll need to win lotto and completely bulldoze our existing home and I a now suffering from some deep rooted home envy.

This magnificent Californian abode I stumbled across when I was researching flat roofed pavilion homes on the Internet certainly didn't help in the envy department.

This stunning residence was designed by the award winning Jensen Architects and belongs to some very lucky people - the Turner family.

They don't know it yet, but I am working on my pitch to convince them to either;

A: adopt me and my husband and kids
B: lend us their gorgeous home for a month a year in return for me ummm blogging about it or something?
C: move onto their project and just give us this home
or D: well I don't have any more plans beyond A, B or C yet.

I really have no more to say on this matter, besides the pictures below will speak for themselves.

So with that said - I'll just back away now and leave you to be infected with some house envy of your very own and then figure out for yourself how you too could possibly get away with removing the walls at your own joint.

Happy drooling!

Have you ever become obsessed by a home design and the desire to radically change your home with zilch money to spend to actually make it happen?
Do you think they have Mozzies in California?

Home designed by Jensen Architects | All imagery by Mariko Reed