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Wednesday 3 February 2016

Worries Be Gone

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Because I couldn't choose only 5 people to receive these, I have bought 6 more sets and we have eleven winners. So congratulations to;

Ern, Chris Best, You Had Us At Hello, Malinda, Kirsty Winters, Sam Stone, Not Another Slippery Dip, Mummy Wife Me, Leanne, Lisa Connelly, Karen Edwards, 

I'm a dead set worrier.

No 'Shit Sherlock' is pretty much what I am imagining you guys are saying right now, because well der... I haven't exactly kept that a secret around here have I?!

It's true though, and I've shared with you guys before just how much of an obsessive worrier I actually am.

If I am not worrying about my family, my friends, finances and health, I am stressing over earthquakes, tsunamis, wayward asteroids, terrorism and a worldwide gin shortage.

No bull.

I even have an escape plan mapped out including a route on which I will guide my family to safety should a tsunami ever strike the Northern Beaches. Heck I even have spare belts ready to tie us all together so we don't get separated in the deluge.


I know.

You are probably realising about now that I am far more neurotic than you ever gave me credit for huh?


So I guess it is no surprise to you that at least one of my three kids has inherited my worry gene... he possibly takes it to the next level, but hey... let's not get picky.

I have a whole lotta coping strategies I keep up my sleeve to help myself and keep my nervous munchkins anxiety under control.

Some of these are as common as things like dream catcher, anti monster spray, buddy bangles and rescue remedy... and then some are possibly considered a little more woo woo - like the use of crystals and sage and superstitious little rituals such as protective white light bubbles and what not.

You do whatever works for you right?


There is something that I think is the perfect compromise for my fellow worriers, you know, something that sits somewhere comfortably between mildly whacky and wonderfully woo woo - traditional worry dolls.

You see - there is a legend that says that when the Mayan people of Guatemala have worries, they tell them to little worry dolls which they then put under their pillows when they go to sleep at night. By the time they wake in the morning, the worry dolls have taken all of their worries away.

Just like that - those worries are no longer their to carry.

How awesome is that?!

No really!

Three big cheers for the magical Mayans and their geniousness.

I very much believe in the power of the mind, and whether you truly believe that something has the power to do what it claims, or if it simply has a beneficial placebo effect... well it doesn't really matter in my opinion.

If you or your kids believe in something and it works for you - power to you - I reckon you should USE it.

I had a set of worry dolls when I was younger, and these days I have a set of worry dolls from Worrydolls.com.au in my handbag, as well as under my pillow. 

My little worrier has one in his school bag, his sleepover bag and some under his pillow too.

I cannot even begin to explain to you how much comfort they bring to him... and to me for that matter as both a mum of a worrier and an expert worrier myself.

Ana who is also responsible for Hammock Heaven Australia sources her range of worry dolls from indigenous artisans in Guatemala and man I love how that kind of authenticity adds to such a beautiful product.

I also have some worry dolls to give away ... in fact I have 5 sets of the 4 Large worry dolls in a textile bag up for grabs

All you need to do to enter is leave me a comment telling me about some of the worries you or someone you know might be carrying and that's it - you could win some worry dolls to help you or them deal with those worries. 

Oh and for the record - please don't be embarrassed about how obscure some of them may be because trust me, there's really not much you could be worrying about that would shock me.

So tell me - What's worrying you or someone you know right now?

Terms and Conditions - Blah Blah
Competition is open to Australian residents only
Competition is open now and closes at 7pm AEST on 12th Feb 2016 
The winners will be announced on this post and contacted by email where possible.
You will have 3 days to contact me to claim their prize or the prize will be redrawn.

If you simply can't wait to see if you win, then don't! 
You can go to worriesdolls.com.au and order some of these gorgeous dolls right now.