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Monday 22 February 2016

Eight Things I WON'T Be Doing Before I Die

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I have been inspired by Holly from Full of Beans and Sausages who had been inspired by The Pyreflies to write a list of eight things I WON'T be doing before I die.

At first it kind of struck me as a little odd - I mean why waste time thinking about things that we don't want to put in our Bucket list?

Odd can sometimes be a good thing though, because the more I thought about it, my mind began to explode with things I have absolutely no plans at all on doing and before I knew it I was all "geez, only eight things?".

So here I am writing my very own list of eight things that you won't catch me doing before I turn up my toes.

Thanks for the inspo Holly!

1. You will never catch me sticking my head into something gross.

Nup, you won't ever catch me putting my head into a bucket of snakes, cockroaches, fish offal or eating anything even remotely as gross as what the contestants on shows like 'I'm a Celebrity yada yada' have to go through. If that's fame - well ahhh you can keep it thanks very much.

2. I will not run with the bulls.

Apart from the fact I cannot run to save my life, I really don't fancy being gored by a ginormous set of horns.. for you know... the fun of it?!

3. I will not go scuba diving. 

I'm far too claustrophobic to entertain that idea and being a mildly obsessive control freak and all that, I'm not all that keen on relying on a tank and mouthpiece to get air into my lungs.

4. I won't ever get rip roaringly drunk again. 

Been there done that and hangovers and I do not get along.

5. I will never again let someone else influence how I feel about someone else. 

I've done that you know... probably a few more times in my lifetime that I'm actually really comfortable admitting. I've kind of decided that I don't really like someone that I haven't even met yet because 'so and so' told me that they didn't think they were a nice person and that I should steer clear of them. On more than one occasion it turned out that I totally backed the wrong horse because its turns out that the person 'I was steering clear of' was actually quite awesome and it was the voice that was telling me otherwise that I should have been avoiding.

6. I will never have a threesome

Hells bells a simple twosome is kind of enough effort on some days so let's just leave that one alone then shall we?!

7. I will not have anymore children of my own.

Oh trust me - I am about the cluckiest person you'll ever meet and my ovaries practically explode every time I spy chubby feet sticking out of a pram. I'm also one of those weird women who pull really strange faces at babies in supermarket checkouts trying to make them smile or better yet ... laugh. Nuh uh, despite toying with the idea of a fourth.. we are done.

8. I won't let anyone walk over me.

I've allowed many people to do this in my lifetime because I have been to wussy to stand up for myself, not wanted to offend anyone or just wanted to avoid confrontation. But this past year, something clicked in me and I have realised that if I want my kids to stand up for themselves, I need to lead by example and walk the talk. And so I have been working on doing just that and damn it feels good, and better yet - for the most part I haven't really upset anyone by doing so... at least I don't think I have....

OK so your turn.

If you want to make a list of your own eight things - awesome! Let me know if you do and maybe link it in the comments below so that I can have a good old nosey.

If not a whole list, why not give me one thing, two or three even, that you will not be doing before you die.

Hit me with them?