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Monday 26 September 2016

A Bucket of Balls With Silver Linings

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I always feel like a teenager coming home past curfew when I pop in here to write after an unplanned few days absence. 

Do you know what I mean? 

You sneak in quietly hoping no one will really notice that you're late and you pop your head around the door and throw an awkward overly casual "hello" out there.

Not that I have tickets on myself to think that anyone is really waiting around for me to blog... it's just that I'm a routine kind of gal and blogging regularly is usually part of my routine.

Until life happens and then routine all but floats on out the window. 

I suppose, for a personal blogger like me it's a good thing... life happening that is... given that life is what I actually write about in this little space of mine and if nothing was going on in life then I would have nothing to write about...

Ummm... that was quite the lengthy hello wasn't it?

Are you still with me?

OK, so last week was one of those weeks that you can't quite plan for. 

You wake up at the start of the week expecting it to play out one way, the way that you had it all planned and then BAM... life throws you a curve ball, and then another, and then it's having so much fun with this game that it says "What the heck" and pegs the whole damn bucket of balls at you all at once.

They weren't exactly bad balls thrown at me (um that sounds rather phallic doesn't it?) just a whole lot of balls I wasn't really expecting and I certainly wasn't ready for.

I know you are probably thinking "What's with all the balls? What the hell are these balls she speaks off?"  I mean, I'm sort of curious too... which is really dumb given I'm the one writing this post.

The truth is that there is at least a week's worth of blog fodder in that bucket of balls, but before this post turns out to be a bit like one of those vague status updates people leave on Facebook that leave you morbidly curious... let me enlighten you with what the biggest ball that was thrown my way was... 

My business is moving.

Yep, last week we found out for certain that we can't get a 12 month lease on our warehouse for Little Lane Workshops. We can go month to month, but that kind of set up doesn't really work for a bricks and mortar business and so SURPRISE... LLWS is moving to a new home.


Now that wasn't exactly what I expected the day would bring when I woke up last Tuesday morning, but hey, what's life without a few surprises here and there right?

Um... right.

So whilst the thought of moving is more than a little daunting... there are most definitely silver linings in this whole malarky.

After the initial shock of Tuesday wore off, Wednesday brought about bright and shiny new opportunities in the form of a near new warehouse 2 minutes up the road from where I live.

A big open space with 8 foot floor to ceiling windows to flood in the light. 

A blank canvas where I can recreate what we have now.

We put in an offer mid morning and by sundown it had been accepted and so one of the many silver linings is that I will be able to ride my bike to work and my kids can walk there after school.

I know that doesn't sound like much of a big deal, but it is actually really cool given that it fits in perfectly with the whole slower living ideal I have had going on in my head.

OK so the idea of renovating another big space just over a year after we did the last one, is hardly a 'slow and relaxing' prospect... but it's exciting. It's a fresh page in a brand new notebook and who doesn't love a brand spanking new notebook?

It's time to roll up the sleeves, warm up the muscles and bring out the old paint tins again you guys.

Whoever said "life is boring" clearly never had a run in with a bucket of balls.

Has life thrown any curve balls at you lately?
How are you dealing? Spotted any silver linings you didn't expect?