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Friday 9 September 2016

Does This Home Light Your Fire?

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Pinterest is SUCH a rabbit hole isn't it?

I mean I go on there to look for a recipe for acai smoothie bowls and next thing you know I am falling in lust with some absolute stranger's home far far away on the other side of the world in London and I start stalking them and their taste in home decor.

Where is the couch from? 

Where did they get those cushions?

Who is the artwork by? 

Who is the clever clogs interior designer?

And then... AND THEN... it's 11pm at night and I find myself moving furniture around our own house, shopping rooms for bits and bobs to try and somehow recreate a look that somehow, even in the tiniest way, resembles the look in the Pinterest photos until I finally fall into bed in an exhausted state of 2am realisation that try as I might my house will never look as cool as this one.


So before I leave you drool over the rest of the photos of this amazing home, I will tell you that this totally drool worthy home's decor was designed by Honky an award winning architectural and interior design practice based in London. 

This building was originally a London flour mill and bakery and Honky have designed an edgy, industrial feel to compliments the building's heritage.

I like edgy.

I like industrial.



Doe this look light your fire?
Anyone else blame Pinterest for the constant state of disarray in your own home?

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