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Tuesday 13 September 2016

Gone Before Their Time... YES Really!

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I'm always a bit nervous about admitting which TV show I like to watch.... although clearly not nervous enough to put it out there on the internet for the whole world to judge me.


That being said, there is a part of me that has to admit, I feel a wee bit intimidated when people start discussing the political programs or high brow documentaries they devote their evenings to and I'm just sitting there looking at them blankly and wondering if they even care whether poor Nina's embryos fertilised by her gorgeous dead husband are viable or not?

I was at a BBQ recently where a group of us were discussing some of our all time favourite shows and when the heads turned to me for my input, I sheepishly piped up with "Vanderpump Rules". Imagine my joy when instead of being met with an eyeroll, my offering was rewarded with cries of "OMG YES, I love that show too".

Hallelujah, I had found my people!!!

Comfortable in the company of some kindred spirits, I nostalgically offered up some more of my favourite shows that I would love to see back on our screens, shows that in my humble opinion were either were cruelly axed before their time, shows that left a gaping hole in my weeknight viewing that no Bachie can fill (that said PLEASE don't axe the Bachie), or...  shows that I would simply love to revisit, just so I can get a good sticky at how the years have treated the characters and what they look and are up to these days.

Here's some shows I'd welcome back with arms open... or at the very least - would relish a reunion... any time at all thanks very much.


Come on, I mean who doesn't want to know where Spencer ended up?

My bets are on a mid west looney bin where he is visited once a month by his wife Heidi and her plastic face and overinflated boobs.

I'm not even kidding - I LOVED that show and I genuinely miss Lauren and Brody, Lo, Stephanie, Audrina and all the gang and all of their drunken hook ups and cat fights.


Wouldn't it be fun if these guys had a reunion piss up at their old Apartment Block?

You can't help but wonder who would be waking up in whose bed these days, who has turned psycho and OK, I'll confess... I do wonder if Jake and his leather jacket would get me purring as much as he used to.


I stand by my belief that Revenge was wrapped up WAY before it needed to be. I mean, at the very least they could have brought Amanda back to life so that she could turn up on the doorstep of Jack and Emily and cause a bit of havoc for the loved up newlyweds.

Besides, so many of the characters disappeared and reappeared, died and then came back to life during the time that this show aired, surely they had at least one more life left in them?

I miss Nolan.

But I miss Jack more.


Did you ever watch this show?

It was a dead set train wreck that you could not take your eyes off.

In case you need reminding, it was the one where four couples went to an exotic island for the purpose of being split up from their partners and sent to live in separate hedonistic resorts with gorgeous specimens whose only reason for being there was to tempt the couples and test their loyalty to each other.

Absolute GLORIOUS trash and I did not miss a single episode.


Now I am actually very pissed off about this particular show being axed.

Apart from the fact that this was one show my hubby was actually happy to sit and watch with me, I genuinely loved the characters and the story lines.

The fact that it was filmed in Sydney where I recognised a lot of the locations and was therefore able to stalk the exact apartment block in Coogee where it was filmed so that I could have my photo taken standing on the front stairs like a total try hard... is TOTALLY irrelevant really.

This show was a keeper and so didn't deserve the sudden death it got.

OK so I've shown you mine, your turn to show me yours.

Are there any shows you find yourself missing or that you would love to see in a reunion episode?

Don't be shy, you are amongst friends here and besides... I watched Girls of The PlayBoy Mansion for crying out loud - who am I to judge?

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