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Monday 5 September 2016

A DIY Crystal Succulent Garden

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It's been a long time between DIY posts around here lately sorry... in actual fact it's been a long time between any projects that we have done as a family too!

I have heaps of half finished projects of my own just sitting around begging for me to show them some attention, however I haven't worked on anything with the kids for a while.

I thought it was about high time we did something about that and so over the weekend, we made ourselves some succulent crystal gardens.

It's no secret I love my crystals, almost as much as I love succulents, and so it really didn't come as much of a surprise when my boys started to develop a 'thing' for crystals and succulents too.

You can't really go too far wrong with succulents. 

I mean, you pretty much have to love them too hard and overwater them to actually do them any harm, and let's face it - if your kids are anything like mine then they will probably only remember to water their plants maybe once in a blue moon... which just so happens to be AWESOME by succulent standards.

As for the crystals to add to the garden, which ones should you use?

Well you can pretty much use any, but quartz is easy to get a hold of and easy on the budget too.

Quartz is one of my all time favourite protective crystals. It is often used to aid in healing and clear away negative energy. Quartz is also known as a harmony stone because of the way it can balance energies and help to make you feel calm and secure.
Quartz is used to enhance and clarify your thought processes and emotions, and can help to increase inspiration and creativity... in other words - it is the perfect crystal to have in a child's bedroom as it can help with concentration, and retaining information at homework time. 
I wanted my boys to have something they could look after for themselves, something special that they could make and proudly display in their bedrooms.
So crystal succulent garden for kid's bedrooms?

Here's what you will need to get started.

A wide surfaced ceramic bowl. You can go fancy on your choices here, but these ones we picked up from Kmart for $6 bucks each were pretty perfect for the look we wanted to achieve.

A bag of cactus / succulent mix - approx $9 bucks from your local nursery

A bag of small river pebbles - $12 from your local nursery

A selection of succulents - from $4 each from your local nursery

A handful of smooth rocks or pebbles. Try looking for these in your garden, or you can also get them from your local nursery too.

A selection of crystals.

Putting together your succulent gardens is as simple as this.

1. Place a few large rocks at the bottom of your bowl (this helps with drainage)

2. Add a layer of soil on top of the rocks.

3. Remove your succulents from their little pots and gently push them into the soil around your bowl.

4. Top up with soil and press down to ensure your succulents are firmly in place.

5. Give the soil a little drink... but not too much.

6. Cover the soil with a layer of fine pebbles. (this helps to keep the soil from drying out too quickly when the kids forget to water).

7. Finally, place your crystals into the rocks between your succulents.

Just a tip, it is a good idea to supervise the kids and maybe get them to wear gloves when they are planting their succulents and cacti, as some of those little suckers really hurt if you get pricked.

 And that lovely people, is it.

You have yourself some super cute little crystal succulent gardens and a couple of happy gardeners... and the best bit - no green thumbs required!

Are you a succulent lover or a crystal collector?
Any good places online that you get your crystals from?

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