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Friday 30 March 2012

I've been to Bloggy Heaven and I like it! PLUS an Unfortunate Incident With a Dunny

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I had a completely different night planned out for tonight. I intended on relaxing in bed with a nightcap and watch Revenge that I recorded the other night. Instead I am pulling apart my iPhone, immersing it in rice and googling the success rate of rescuing iPhones after they have been dropped in a toilet.

Aha .... the toilet! I had been engrossed in a game of words with Friends when nature came a calling, so I shoved my precious pod in my back pocket and attended to my business.

It wasn't until I stood up I heard the plop. No its not an indecent plop I am detailing here, though I suppose in many ways it is. No it was the iPhone falling out of my back pocket and into the loo kind of plop, closely followed by a symphony of some equally disgusting language spewing from my mouth.

Now my iPhone is iScrewed and I am more than a little iSad. *ahem* sorry about the bad joke, I'm a little sensitive right now.

Here's hoping the rice does the trick and I don't have to explain this one to my boss.

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On to brighter and way happier things.

I have been busting to share this with you guys but we have been sworn to secrecy. Now however I am totally free to babble and babble I will if you so kindly indulge me.

Someone was totally awesome enough over the past few months to nominate this little blog of mine for the KidSpot Top Bloggers competition, and somehow through some complete freakish act of the universe, Life Love and Hiccups has made it into the Top 50 Bloggers.

I cannot tell you how grateful I am to whoever that awesome someone was and I also cannot stop this cheesy grin from totally taking control of my face.

To be honest when I first got the news I almost had myself a little panic attack as I seriously could not work out what to be more excited about at that precise moment, the fact that I had been nominated or that the email informing me of the news came from none other than the beautiful Chantelle from Fat Mum Slim. If ever I had a weak bladder moment my friends, this was it.....Big Time!
I am totally beside myself with excitement and you know the best part? Last night I got to go to the Special Announcement evening that was held at The Pavilion in the city and rub shoulders with total blogging Goddesses.

So many of my favourite Bloggy Crushes were there and were just as wonderful and genuine and gorgeous in every way that I imagined. You know when you read a blog and you wonder if the people are just like they are in their blog, in real life? Well let me tell you, everyone I met was so true to themselves. Maxabella Loves, A Baby Called Max, Mrs Woog, BabyMac, Suger Coat it, Lovely Living, Crash Test Mummy, Edenland, Good Golly Miss Holly, My Little Drummer Boys.....to just name drop a few he he, were *sigh* just awesome.

If you want a list of fabulous reads, you HAVE to check out the list of Amazing bloggers I was lucky enough to be listed with - you will be reading for days!

I'll be telling you more over the coming weeks about how you can vote for your favourite blogs AND win yourself $5000 Buckeroos!! ARGGGGGGHHHHHHH I know right! $5000 big ones just for voting. And you know what, you guys totally deserve it, because the truth is our blogs are nothing without you the readers.

Anyways I will leave you with a couple of pics from the night, I didn't take too many cause I was totally star stuck and way to busy stalking and squishing all those fabulous woman with cuddles.

This was me all frocked up and ready to party. Excited but nervous.

OMG this was a Kill me now I'm already in bloggy heaven moment, Big Cuddles with Cherie from A Baby Called Max and Bron from Maxabella Loves who both totally towered over me like the true Goddesses they are. Don't be fooled, I am so kneeling on a stool here.

The beautiful Laney from Crash Test Mummy and the stunning Christina from Hair Romance.

And a total Slap Me Silly and Call Me Billy moment where I completely threw myself at one of my idols the Fabulous Mrs Woog. When she said "call me Kate", I nearly peed my pants as to me that was like having Barack Obama tell me to call him Bobby or Oprah doing the 'Call me' symbol with her hands.

I did have more photos I wanted to share with you from the night but alas they are sadly trapped inside my soggy little iPhone. These were the only ones I could rescue off Instagram on my iPad.

Anyway enough of my star struck ramblings, I just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to you guys for supporting me and encouraging me and if you were all in sprinting distance (not that I really can run) I would so Squish you all in a massive cuddle.

Have you ever met a crush an idol or been Star Struck? Tell me about it .....pretty please!