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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Wanna See My $1300 Winter Wardrobe???

Pin It Wanna see my new Winter Wardrobe?

Great! Well here it is........

Yup that is a complete $1300 wardrobe my Chicken Sausage is wearing on her leg. Some could even mistake it for a weekend away at a nice hotel with all meals included.

The sad fact of the matter is our Silly Milly went and dislocated her patella and tore the ligaments after she was jumping around all berserko like on the back deck. Not just a mild injury this one, nooooo she had to go and completely stuff her leg.

The lovely vet broke the news gently to me *Cough Cough Choke*. She said it wold most likely require a specialist to do the surgery and it would come in between $4 and $5 thousand. Yes you read that correctly, I said thousand. I know right!!! I reacted the same way.

After a bit of begging, pleading and super sweet talking, we convinced the chief vet at this clinic that we had great faith in his abilities and that we truly believed with all out heart he could indeed perform the surgery himself. The pay off to this ego stroke was we saved ourselves $3.5 thousand dollars in specialist fees.

I am soooooo in the wrong Profession. Did you know there are even Canine Cardiologists and Animal Oncology Units????

So I suppose I should just suck it up and be grateful for the savings we made this time around, but it is a bitter pill to swallow when the tally to date of Silly Milly's damage is Oh about $3000 (if you replace the new lounge she chewed the corner off and get a tradie to fix the hole in the wall she chewed). Her massacre of my son's favourite Giraffe he has had since day dot however cannot be summed up in monetary terms.

We love her to bits and now obviously we can put a price on our love for this crazy mutt, but I can't help but think this is Karma taking a chunk out of my bum. I should have showed a bit of self control and kept walking past that pet shop cause Chicken Sausages would have been so much cheaper.

Tell me, do you have any crazy pets? What mischief have they gotten up to?