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Monday 26 March 2012

A Magical 5th Birthday Party

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First of all thank you all for your lovely birthday messages for Flynn, I showed him them on the blog and on Facebook and he was tickled.

Well what a doozy of a weekend. And I say that with exhausted elation....can't you tell?

This weekend we had Flynn's 5th Birthday Party at our home.....with 26 kids and their parents!! I can laugh now because it is over and not only did we survive, but Flynn had the "Bestest time ever".

Friday saw me all domesticated and baking and I even wore an apron (give me a sec whilst I shine my domestic halo). I was feeling very Martha like except for the part where I had a complete meltdown over the Oreo Pops that I had seen on Pinterest and tried to recreate. After I destroyed 3 packets of Oreos trying to get them on sticks, I finally admitted defeat and put a photo of my Epic Failure on Facebook for everyone to commiserate with me (cause sharing is caring and all that).

But bless my precious Facie friends, they came to the rescue and suggested a recipe for Cookie pops by Mrs A in The Cove. How did I not know about this awesome blog before??? Leanne is an amazingly talented woman with an incredible story. If like me you did not know about her site, do yourself a favour, grab a cuppa and check her out, it is a beautiful blog.

So with a renewed enthusiasm and a zip in my zing I salvaged my crumbled cookies and turned them into fabulous Cookie Pops. I then went on to bake and create until I was completely spent and I had a fridge full of goodies for the party the next day...... then I hit the Vodka, after all that domesticity I figured I had earned it!

So without further adieu, I present to you Flynn's Magical 5th Birthday Party.

White Chocolate Popsticks..... pure chocolate heaven.

And here are the chocolate Oreo Pops aka Magic Wands.
Vanilla Cupcakes with Butter cream frosting aka Wishing Cakes.

To try and counteract all the sugar on offer and to pretend that I was thinking at least a tiny bit healthy, we had Wizard Kebabs which were just fruit sticks with the watermelon cut out using a heart shape cookie cutter.

These were my hubbies creation, 4 layers of jelly with hidden treasure inside which we aptly named Gobbity Gloop. I have no idea what Gobbity Gloop means, but it sounded kind of magical.

I didn't get a photo of the food table before the kids attacked it, so here is a mid party shot. In addition to the above mentioned delicacies there was also Fairy Bread which was actually pikelets and sprinkles, popcorn, chips and Magic Potion (green Cordial).

And then it was time for Sidini the Magician to take control of the party and entertain our little guests and entertain he did. He had them mesmerized and totally enthralled for a whole hour and did I mention he had those 4 and 5 year olds quiet and in control too? - that was a pretty damn impressive trick in itself in my opinion.

The wonder and awe in the kids faces when he made the white dove appear was priceless and the show was only getting warmed up.

Flynn was sure the bird was going to poop on him so he couldn't stop giggling.

Sidini had many helpers eager to lend a hand.
hmmm what is he conjuring up here?

Now if the kids weren't already excited enough by the white dove, the appearance of a rabbit certainly sent them into a frenzy.

Next it was Flynn's turn to work a little magic.

 How does this wand thingy work?


 Holy Moly - did I do that???

 Seriously, how did I do that???

Sidini the Magician was just fabulous and I couldn't recommend him highly enough. With over 60 years experience he has more than a few tricks up his sleeve. Whilst he is available for kids parties he also specialises in Sophisticated Sorcery for Adult parties and Corporate Functions. If you are interested in contacting him to perform a little magic on your event, here's his details.
Sidini (Sid Juter) 02 9440 7578

(Disclaimer* I wasn't paid for this recommendation, I just thought Sidini was pretty bloody awesome and deserved a special mention)

It really was a magical party for one very happy little 5 year old. After the guest were thanked, farewelled and sent home with a magical lolly bag, we collapsed with exhaustion and a stiff drink. Only one drink though as we had a certain trip to the vet clinic to make, which I'll tell you about later this week.

Oh I nearly forgot (yeah likely) the cake. 

We asked Flynn what he wanted for his birthday cake and no surprises he wanted something which would involve me pulling a rabbit out of a hat myself....literally!

A triple layer vanilla cake, with little vanilla cupcakes topped with real chocolate all in the shape of, yep you guessed it, a rabbit in a hat.

We don't normally go this big with our kids birthday parties, but since it was my baby and he was turning the big five, we felt it was worth a little extra something.

My oldest son tells me he wants a Science party for his birthday later this year and he wants it at home too. The anticipation of that just totally sends shivers down my back. But then again I would get to dream up some pretty revoltingly awesome menu ideas for a bunch of eleven year old boys....

So what did you get up to this weekend?

Every Monday the link opens and I would love you to share what you got up to on the weekend. Did you do something special or go somewhere? 
Perhaps you cooked up a storm or got all crafty and clever on me. 
Whatever it is share it with us and inspire us all. 
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