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Monday 28 May 2012

Conversations In The Car: I Wanna Be a Farmer's Sister When I Grow Up!

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Some of the best conversations and by the best I really mean the most entertaining, take place in the car driving to one place or another. You may or may not recall me telling you a few months back about the discussion my boys and I had in the car when my son was worried that he had a baby in his testicle - Nope No Joke - that delightful banter led to the joy of giving the kids 'The Talk'. There is no doubt that in the car the kids come up with the most random things to talk about, especially if it just one on one and they don't have to compete to be heard.

Our seven year old Sammy is the King when it comes to random and this is a perfect example of his randomness in action. This conversation took place on the way to karate this Saturday morning and it was one of those convos that I think will always make me smile whenever I remember it or retell it to his future career guidance counselor or wife.

To get the full effect of this conversation, you have to imagine you are talking to a kid that is missing two front teeth, and therefore a full blown lisp is an essential prop!

Sam: Mum, how much do white coats cost?

Me: Ahhh what sort of white coat would you be talking about Monkey?

Sam: You know like the ones that scientist people wear?

Me: Ummm I not really sure two dogs, why do you ask?

Sam: Why did you just call me two dogs?

Me: It's just a figure of speech Sammy.

Sam: Mummm I'm seven, when you're talking to seven year olds, you shouldn't use such big words.

Me: Sorry Sam, I'll keep that in mind in future.

Sam: So anyway Mum you know how I want to be an animal doctor in a zoo when I grow up?

Me: yep?

Sam: Ive decided I don't really want to do all the operations and stuff, but I'm ok with being the man that makes up all their medicines. What's that job called?

Me: I believe that would be a Pharmacist mate.

Sam: A farmer what?

Me: A Pharmacist!

Sam: A farmer's sister?

Me: Yeah that's sort of it. You're gonna need to study hard at school if you want to do that job hun.

Sam: Really? Why? What do I need to be good at? And can you please talk a bit slower because I'm going to take notes.

Me: Well then it's probably a good idea to concentrate really hard at maths and science.

Sam: Ohhhh I can already count to 1000 by tens.

Me: That's a pretty good start.

Sam: Do you think I need to count higher than that?

Me: Possibly!

Sam: Like to 10 thousand?

Me: Maybe!

Sam: Like to 100 thousand?

Me: Perhaps!

Silence from the back seat...........

Sam: I think I might be one of those people that feed the seals their fish instead. Can I still wear a white coat if I want to?

I cack myself silly at funny conversations with kids.
Have you had any entertaining conversations with your mighty midgets you care to share?
What do you reckon is the average pay for a Farmers Sister?
Do you know where to buy a cheap white coat? I don't want to spend to much as it's gonna get totally fishy by the sound of it!