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Wednesday 16 May 2012

Why I Got Fired from Offspring and Other Fishy Tales!

Pin It I had a friend visit the other day and it was the first time she had been into my house for ages.
As we walked through to the back room for our cuppa she made a passing comment "You really like fish don't you!"
Ummm yeah I guess I do" I said but secretly thinking to myself what a weird thing to say.  
"Actually I like the whole beachy coastal theme" I added and then we left it at that.

It wasn't until last night that I was sitting on the couch watching tele and my eyes had wandered over to a driftwood fish thingy hanging on the wall, that I thought about that fish comment again. As I replayed that conversation in my head my eyes quickly moved across to fix upon a fish statue harmlessly residing on the TV cabinet and from there they darted over to the kitchen bench where a fish plate was waiting to be put in to the dishwasher. Suddenly everywhere I looked there seemed to be some sort of fish paraphernalia staring back at me with mean menacing eyes.

Somewhere in the distance I heard The Psycho theme song start playing, the lights started to flicker and all around me the fishes eyes started glowing. Struggling to breathe and overcome by the suffocating realization that my husband was morphing into a Tuna before my very eyes, I fell to the floor ...... OK OK that's a little too dramatic for this early in the day but HOLY COW can I tell you it seems that I do indeed live in a frigging shrine that not even John West would DARE to reject.

I had a dream about fish last night. Well actually I dreamed that I was given quite a big role on Offspring - I was to be Nina's long lost sister and I had a fabulous wardrobe and everything, but in my first scene I dropped the fishbowl I was carrying and consequently I got fired. I know - harsh right! It was only a fishbowl and the fish wasn't even real.... I don't think.....actually I'm not sure if it was or not .... maybe I should have checked. Anyway I was refusing to leave and was shamelessly begging them to just at least let me try on the clothes .......  WHAT??? I'm rambling again aren't I? I'm so sorry, I seem to do that every now and then.

OK what I was actually getting to before I seriously went off on a tangent, was this morning when I awoke, the first thing I thought about was all the fish in my house and mentally I went from room to room and realised my obsession had spread much further than initially diagnosed. Laughing hysterically to myself like a true looney, I grabbed my camera and embarked on a tour of my house to capture as many fish as I could find.

I had no idea! It seems I do indeed have quite a fish fetish. I mean I like fish and all that, and I um like to eat them, but I have know idea how I have managed to amass such a collection of fishy decor.

I have come to the conclusion that I was really more affected by that Barracuda eating Nemo's mum than I originally thought at the time and subconsciously I am creating a fish haven for all the orphaned Nemos of the world. Either that or I was a fish in another life and I am now surrounding myself with icons that remind me of the loved ones I left behind in that lifetime.

My hubby would probably just say I need to stay away from the shops for a while.

He may well have a good case this time.


Do you have any strange collections that you would like to share?
Do you think the producers of Offspring were a little harsh in firing me over a broken fishbowl?
Wanna make guppy noises and play Nemo with me? I'll let you be Dory!