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Friday 19 October 2012

Mushrooms Are Going Pink This October!

Pin It This is a Sponsored Post for The Australian Mushroom Growers for their Go Pink Campaign.

Breast Cancer - it Sucks! Actually all Cancer Sucks but breast cancer is one of the sneaky ones that literally every woman fears.

Sadly in Australia the latest figures suggest that we lose 2,800 of ours Mums, Daughters, Sisters, Aunts and friends every year to breast cancer. Think about that for just a moment. That is 8 beautiful women every . day . of the year.

I have more friends at the moment that I would have ever have imagined that are fiercely fighting the fight. They are fighting it hard and they are prepared to put on those big girl undies and battle harder than they have ever had to before in their lives, and not just for themselves, but for their families and every other woman that has faced this insidious disease!

And whilst I know we will all do whatever it takes to support our sisters, it is also incredibly heartening to know that Australian companies have really thrown themselves and their products behind such a great cause as Pink Ribbon Day.

Pink Ribbon Day this year is next week on Monday the 22nd of October and this is a day dedicated to raising funds and increasing awareness about breast cancer.

So Why Are Mushrooms going Pink?

Since 2010 The Australian Mushroom Growers have been supporting the fight against breast cancer with their Mushrooms Go Pink Promotion in October and in the past three years they have raised almost $180,000 for breast cancer charities in Australia. Well done guys and thank you!

This year they have again partnered with the Cancer Council Australia to support Pink Ribbon Day. Their target for this year is to raise $50 thousand big ones which will be directed to the Cancer Council to support their work in reducing the impact of breast cancer on our Australian women. The Mushrooms Go Pink in October promotion also coincides with the International Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Whilst you will see many companies going pink in October, which is totally beyond fabulous, mushrooms are the ONLY fresh products to our knowledge that are going Pink.

OK so let's one thing straight - the mushrooms don't actually go pink. But the packaging does and you can buy the specially marked pink packs of mushrooms through Woolworth's and independent greengrocers.

As a predominantly Veggie house, we eat a lot of mushrooms. They give us that almost meaty taste we don't normally get as a result of not eating meat. I knew they were a smart healthy choice but I had no idea that mushrooms have been at the centre of an explosion of research where studies have found a strong link between mushroom consumption and a decreased risk of breast cancer.

In 2009 research from the Uni of WA showed that women who ate an average of only 10g of mushrooms a day had a 65% lower risk of breast cancer. (You can hear more from the researchers and the work they have been doing here).

Seriously man - HAND ME THE MUSHROOMS!!!

Now I know a lot of kids turn their noses up at mushies. One of mine did too, until he tried my special Garlic Mushies. You can eat these hot, warm or cold. Any which way you eat them, they are just mouthwateringly divine and my kids always ask for more, even the fussy one.

All you need is;
A couple of Table spoons of Olive Oil, 
2-3 cloves of Garlic (crushed or minced), 
Sea Salt.

Simply put your mushrooms in a saucepan and pour over a couple of tablespoons of Olive Oil and combine with your crushed / minced garlic and a good seasoning of Sea Salt.

 Cook over a medium heat and stir occasionally to keep coating the mushrooms in their juices.

  Cook until they soften and turn golden brown.

Then just serve them up and enjoy. As I said we like ours cold too with a salad, if we don't hide them the kids just want to eat them straight away, fresh out of the pan.

There are literally zillions of ways you can cook and eat these little power pods and if you didn't know just how good they were before, you certainly know now.

To further support the Mushrooms Go Pink Promotion anyone signing up as a member of the Mushroom Lovers Club will be entered in a competition to Win one of five Girls Day Out Packages.

Five Winners (nationally) will each receive a $300 Restaurant Voucher and a $1200 Day Spa voucher. Way to treat yourself and some of your special friends!

For more information on the Mushroom Lovers Club you can visit their facebook page here or for more info on the competition and the Mushrooms Go Pink Promotion you can visit the Australian Mushroom Growers Website here.

One last thing ladies - Don't forget to check your boobies!