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Sunday 14 October 2012

You Had Better Stock Up Santa - This is Gonna Be HUGE!

Pin It What are you getting your kids for this Christmas?

It's OK I'll wait whilst you pick yourself up off the floor. I had the same reaction when someone asked me the exact same question a few days ago. What?? Christmas all ready?

I don't know about you but it gets harder every year to figure out what to get the kids. I don't want to buy them a whole heap of plastic junk that breaks the first day or ends up at the bottom of the toy box collecting dust nor do I really love the idea of them falling fad to whatever Pokemon Ninjago Puddle puff is all the rage.

I love that Santa brings them a special gift that is labelled to all of them. Something that belongs to not one person, but all and can be enjoyed by the whole family.

My boys have already written their first letter to Santa this year. They wanted to get in quick as they are betting that the pressie they are asking for is gonna be pretty damn popular this year and they wanted to give the elves plenty of notice to make or order heaps of them. 

So what is it that has inspired my normally unorganised live by the moment kids to get themselves into action?

The New PlayStation Wonderbook.

In the school holidays we were very lucky to be invited to a special PlayStation Playground Event at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney. It was a day where we would not only get a sneak peak at the new PlayStation®3 (PS3™) and range of PlayStation games and systems from Sony, but the kids had free reign to try it all too. Talk about Muchkin heaven!

Can I just brag for one minute and tell you that I have never played this game before (heck I even have problems figuring out how to turn the damn machines on) yet I played all four boys in this game at once and .... wait for it..... I smashed them! 

I had no idea what I was doing but my strategy of pressing as many buttons as possible in the shortest amount of time paid off! I was the champion and two weeks later I still haven't let them forget it.

Back to the Wonderbook I mentioned earlier. We got a sneak peek first-look at this innovative new game. This is a totally interactive game where your kids are on screen in the game. Mind blowing stuff ... seriously. 
Do you remember when Pac Man came out or Donkey King and we were like completely blown away with the technology? 

Well Donkey Kong Shmonkey Dong - this Wonderbook is amazing. 
It launches in Australia this November with a new title called Wonderbook™: Book of Spells, which features new and original writing from JK Rowling.
I am led to believe it will be launched at the very affordable price (as far as these type of games go) at AUD$49.95 (RRP). The additional bundle that includes the peripheral, game, PlayStation®Move motion controller and PlayStation® Eye camera will also be available for AUD$99.95 (RRP).

Sony are working with some of the world’s leading creators and developers to produce a variety of games content for Wonderbook so I can see this baby being HUGE.
All three of my boys were already PlayStation lovers and are at least three years in Pocket Money debt from collecting SkyLanders, but they were totally besotted with this game, hence the early request to Santa.

We were very generously given a new PlayStation 3 to take home which the kids were completely beside themselves about it. On that point - so was I when I found out you can watch Blue Ray DVDs, access the internet, pause rewind and record your favourite TV shows and store your photos and music collections. 

How did I let the kids have all this fun to themselves for so long?

 I always love catching up with some gorgeous blog buddies at these events and the fabulous people from Sony PlayStation and Hausmann really knew how to put on a great day.

And yes I may have tried to make out with Sackman from Little Big Planet .... have I no shame?

So part of the Christmas pressie dilemma is solved - the order is in to Santa for a PlayStation Wonderbook. Santa always gets the credit for the good stuff doesn't he!
Have you started the Christmas list yet?
Any ideas for what else to get my boys? Come one - sharing is caring and all that!

*This was not a sponsored post. I attended the Playstation Playground event and we were gifted a PlayStation 3. All opinions are my own and that of my very opinionated children.