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Monday 8 October 2012

Look what Vodka and I Made - A Lego Play Mat!

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Anyone who has ever trodden on a piece of Lego will undoubtedly have discovered a whole host of swear words you didn't even know you knew. It is a pain that has the ability to render you dumbstruck as tears pour out of your eyes. It forces time to stand still so that NOTHING is forced to compete with the pain.

In actual fact I believe that 'Stepped on a Lego pain' is now officially on the scientific pain scale.

Earlier this year I thought I was really clever when I made over the kids playroom and included baskets to store all their bits and pieces - including the Lego.

The problem is that when the kids want to play with the Lego, they just grab the basket and tip it ass up all over the floor. Then no matter how much you get down on your knees and scavenge around looking for pieces at pack up time, you always miss one and it is lost until such a times as you stumble through in the darkness and plant your foot squarely on a tiny Lego man's head....sweet Jesus!

I have seen some great bags around the interwebs that open up completely and transform from a Lego carry bag to a Lego play mat. And as I was sitting by the pool sipping my vodka cruiser yesterday, I had the bright idea to have a go at making one myself.

I cannot explain the sense behind how I went from sitting by the pool on a beautiful day to making a Lego play bag but I'm totally going to blame the combination of sun and vodka - it does things to you like that!

Now we all know I pretty much suck at explaining how I do things cause I generally just make it up as I go and I have the patience of kid at Christmas. But I have tried to do a bit of a step by step process on how I did it. Please remember though, there WAS vodka involved.......

I didn't notice until after I put the photos together that in Step 7 you can see my Vodka Cruiser keeping me company in my little project. Classy I tell ya!

So how did it turn out you ask? Well surprisingly well considering I was on to my third drink by the time I finished. After I finished, I thought I could probably have made eyelet holes around the circle to thread the cord through instead of sitting there going cross eyed with a safety pin threading it through the sewn channel. But the kids loved it and that's all that matters right? That and the idea that hopefully my feet will now be spared the pain of a Lego attack!

Each of the kids want one now, so they can have their own personal Lego play mats. I told them that the next Sunny afternoon I get a little too much sun and have a few too many poolside cocktails that I may be convinced to try it again. If they're lucky.

Now come on confess, are you like me and use the vacuum to suck up rogue pieces of Lego on the floor, rather than pick them up and return them to their home?