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Wednesday 31 October 2012

A Sweet Smelling, Pretty and Handy Obsession of Mine

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I have a thing for Glasshouse Candles and Diffusers. Let me be really clear about this, when I say a thing I really kinda mean an infatuation.

I have the Coconut and Lime burning in the bedroom, the Verbana Diffuser in the bathrooms and at the moment I have the limited Edition Coney Island frangrance wafting through the living areas.

Umm I did say infatuated didn't I?

To be fair - I live in a house full of males, so I need to disguise the smell of testosterone that stains the air. So as soon as the male species leave the house for the day, I light one up. Granted it is totally for my pleasure, but it makes for a sweet smelling house if you ever care to visit  me.

I also love lighting one at night while I lie in bed and read or watch tv. It's a little bit of luxury that helps to create an oasis of calm and if the planets are aligned and the dishes done, maybe even some romance.

Apart from the gorgeous testosterone obliterating fragrances and the warm ambiance they create, the thing I really love about Glasshouse Candles is that they just keep on giving, even when the candle runs out. Hear that dear Hubby and children? This is why I chuck the biggest tanty if you dare to dispose of these precious jars of mine or use them for collecting snails, spiders and dead bugs.

Oh Man - Please do not tell me you also throw your empty candle jars out? Please Nooooooo!

These jars can be used for so many things around the home. So useful and pretty. To be fair I didn't realise just how far my useful and pretty obsession had spread or even how many of these candles I actually go through in my home until I had a good look around. Its kind of like my fish obsession in the way it just sort of snuck up on me.

Once I realised I had a problem a healthy interest in these candles I decided I had better do a purposeful home roam and photograph just a few ways I use the candles and the jars when they are done. Please note this is all part of my defense case for the day the white coat men arrive in their van to pick me up for that special holiday.

So what the hell does one do with all these empty candle jars?

Well I use them as vases as they are the perfect size to pop some fresh flowers in. Sometimes I pretty them up with some ribbon, other times I just prefer the simplicity of them undressed.

They make for the cutest little sugar jar in the kitchen and I guess you could use them to store pretty much anything really. See - cute and practical.

I love collecting shells, driftwood, pebbles and starfish (yep, yet another obsession it seems) so you will find these little collection jars sitting around all over my house looking all smug and special.

My favourite of the moment is the limited Edition Coney Island which has the sweet smell of Burnt sugar and Fig. One word - Heavenly. And how cute is that gorgeous blue jar. This one is sold out at my usual haunts so if you know where I can get more of it, please let me know, I'll be forever grateful. My husband not so much but hey, let me deal with that one.

I put a photograph up on Instagram and Facebook and you guys came up with some more great uses for the jars too, so I thought I would share them with you.

Cleaning them out when the candle runs out is pretty easy as the wax is very soft. Here's what I do.
  • Warm the jar for 30 seconds in the microwave and then scrape out the leftover wax.
  • Use a blunt knife to scrape the little metal wick holders on the bottom of the jar. They are super easy to get off.
  • Using paper towel give it a good wipe out to remove as much of the soft wax as possible.
  • Soak it in a sink or bucket full of hot soapy water and give it a good scrub.
  • Once again give it a good wipe out with paper towel.
  • The gorgeous smells tend to linger so I found a good wash in a dishwasher gets rid of that, but someone also suggested leaving some bicarb in it for a few hours.
Walah. You now have a gorgeous jar you can use in so many handy ways. My obsession can now be yours too. You're Welcome! Just avoid the temptation to get too carried away or I'll be seeing you in the padded suite on that Special Holiday..... or on an episode of hoarders.

By the way, this post is so not sponsored by Glasshouse. It is simply just me over sharing yet another of my many obsessions with you. But Glasshouse - if you are reading this, please feel free to call me he he.

Have you got any other uses for these gorgeous candle jars I should know about?