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Tuesday 17 September 2013

A Cushy Way To Procrastinate

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Remember that IKEA fabric I snapped up recently? Actually they were tablecloths... $2.99 table cloths to be precise. Well they were turned into a little something special the other day.

Yup, courtesy of a particularly productive procrastination session, I now have some new cushions sitting on my couch waiting for grubby little hands to initiate them and a very affectionate poodle to make out with them and then eat them - as per the fate of most of the cushions in our house.

Some of you asked on instagram if I was going to share a tutorial on how I made them and I was all nah uh. Not because I'm lazy or mean, but because I have always wanted to say Oh Look Here's One I Prepared Earlier.

So as promised, I'm sharing the link to the tutorial I did last year for these so called 5 minute cushions. Except now I have renamed them 7 minute cushions, because I timed myself from start to finish making one of these babies and it took me precisely 6 minutes and 53 seconds from cutting out to sewing up. But let's not be fussy, we'll just round em up to 7 minutes shall we.

The technical difficulty rating for these cushions would be a very cheery 1 out of 5. If you can thread up a sewing machine or get access to one already geared up and if you know how to use one of those foot pumpy peddle thingamajigs that make the sewing machine sew, then you will have no problem making these.

Seriously they are dead set that easy!

The best bit about these is that there are no zippers, no fiddly bits and if you can cut a reasonably straight line and sew 4 semi straight lines, well then you are home and hosed baby.

Click on the link below for full instructions and you will have yourself a perfect way to spend an afternoon procrastinating from whatever it is you are supposed to be doing.... or a least 6 minutes and 53 seconds times how ever many cushions you want to make.

I worked out that each cushion cost me $3.40. $3.00 bucks for the insert and about 40 cents worth of material out of the $2.99 table cloths.

Funny enough my husband really likes these although I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with the gorgeous colours and wonky sewing.

Are you keen to give them a go?