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Monday 30 September 2013

Our Version of Happy Ever After ...

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I am such a sucker for a good love story - I always have been.

You know those really mushy chick flicks where the guys and the girl meet fall in love, break up, get back together, deal with great tragedy and hardship before finally living happily ever after?

Man I LOVE those movies!

I'm not even fussy - I will take the teenage love triangle movies along with the classics and everything in between. The Notebook, The Holiday, One Fine Day, Some thing's Gotta Give, Safe Haven - I seriously will quite happily watch them all.... however I only like happy endings.

Happy endings are my one criteria in a love story. I know that is probably far to Pollyanna-ish for many to deal with, but I make no apology for the fact that I totally subscribe to the Happy Ever After dream. And although I know that sometimes one must endure heartache before they find theirs, I do believe that there is a Happy Ever After allocated for all of us in this life .... sometimes it just takes longer for some to find theirs than others.

Carl and I started going out when I was 17 going on 18 and we married when I was 22 which by today's standards in very young. You can read about how we met here if you are interested. Many questioned us as to why we wouldn't wait a while before we get married and our response was always - "why wait?"

We figured if and when you are lucky enough to find the love of your life, why wait a moment longer to begin spending the rest of your lives together.

Just like any great love story we fell in love, broke up, got back together, faced some tragedy and hardship and now we are hopefully (touch wood) smack bang in the middle of our happily ever after part .... give or take a handful of 'I'm not talking to you' days.

I'm not saying the past 23 years have always been easy and I know that part of the package means that there will be days in the future where we will drive each other completely insane.... but that's okay, I'll gratefully take that package deal as long as he is part of it.

We fight, like most couples do and most of the time it is because I am being a cranky cow and when he is nice to me and tries to appease me, I get even crankier - just because he is being so nice to me and I don't deserve it and .... you know the drill.

But at the end of the day Carl is my best friend, my lover and my everything. He is the only one that I would want to play the handsome lead role in our version of happy ever after, and he is probably the only one that will ever truly know me to the core.

He is the most incredible father to our children and he is my soul mate and I probably don't tell him nearly enough as I should. So Carl, I know you are reading this ... consider yourself told huni ;)

See I told you I am a sap when it comes to love stories and of course being the busy body that I am, now I want to know about your love story.

Has it happened yet? Have you met the love of your life? 
Are you still with the love of your life and how did you meet him / her? 
Do you believe in Happy Ever After?