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Monday 2 September 2013

When a Perk of Blogging Gets Me Frothing At The Mouth

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One of the things I LOVE about blogging is getting to occasionally go to some really awesome events.

Every time an invite arrives for a brand I adore, I literally pinch myself to check I am not dreaming and that they really have invited me. ME!!! I don't think that buzz is ever going to wear off and I feel lucky - VERY lucky.

The downside is (yes there really is one) these events just feed my addiction for gorgeous excuses to go shopping. I compile lists of things I have seen, fallen in love with and HAVE to have ..... and then sometimes I just simply HAVE to satisfy my latest crush and go shopping.

Even worse is if the products I love are online, because then it is just wayyyy to easy to go click and then suddenly they are on their way to me.

So last week I took myself off to the Cotton on Group Open house day where they were showcasing their new lines. This do was at the most insanely gorgeous house at Point Piper and filled with the most insanely gorgeous models, designers and celebrities like Lara Bingle, Ricky Lee Coulter and Didier Cohen, and even more insanely beautiful products from Typo, Cotton on and Ruby Shoes.

I usually make a complete ass of myself at these things because I walk around like a total amateur with not an ounce of coolness about me.

I swoon, am a complete sticky beak and photograph everything I see, often including things that are completely irrelevant to why I am there in the first place. I just can't help myself.

This day was was no different, I snapped away and made the usual dick of myself - but can you blame me? Wait till you see some of the gorgeous things I got to ogle in the flesh.... and the male models weren't half bad either!

Apparently all of the things you see in my pics (excluding the gorgeous male models) are available online and instore and I apologise in advance for any unplanned spending that I may be unknowingly encouraging.... *ahem*

Oh and just to be clear and transparent, this isn't a sponsored post, I wasn't paid to share this or anything although I am pretty sure that the purpose of inviting me was that Cotton On were hoping I may blog about it.... but as I said before, can you blame me? I was frothing and I am compelled to share.

Are you loving those Stags as much as I am?
Hell, are you loving it all as much as I am?