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Tuesday 10 September 2013

Instagram Love

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I've made no secret of my love for sticky-beaking.

Why would I, considering the popularity of instagram is proof that there are many of us who love a little peak into the lives of others.

But it's more than the voyeuristic appeal of instagram that keeps me going back, its the community. It is like it's own little word exists and within it you befriend complete strangers. Without having ever met them, you know their favourite colours, food they like, how their families like to spend their spare time and how they decorate their bedroom.

It's strange isn't it when you think about it... but as strange as the whole idea is, it is even more wonderful.

I have followed my niece around Europe, my family followed me in Bali and I can feel connected with one of my very best friends who moved far away.

I can see what my kid's are doing when I am not with them, check out new products from a favourite store and I can chat with someone in America about how fabulous or crappy my day was.

I can sit in bed at night when insomnia hits and everyone else is sound asleep and I can find company in others that are posting at that very time.

I love it.

I really love it.

It is officially my favourite way to procrastinate. Which is why I haven't been on it so much in the past week because I have way too much to get through without any glorious distractions to tempt me.

Below are just a few of my favourite instagrammers. I would need a box with over 500 squares to include them all, but these guys are some of the ones that I love to check in on regularly because one of my favourite past times is swooning over their pictures of their gorgeous families, projects, vignettes, homes and randomness.

Some of them I chat to regularly, others I have admired from a distance, but they all have something in common - they inspire me.

1. Mixed Gems, 2. The Hungry Babushka, 3.Confettis, 4. Honey & Fizz, 5. A Beach Cottage, 6. The Red Thread, 7. Urchin Collective, 8. etst, 9. Rachael Honner, 10 Coastetc, 11. Little Valley Home, 12. Lisa Jay, 13. Kristin Rogers, 14. Stylish Kylie, 15. Coastal Home Love, 16. MissSewnSo

Are you on instagram? If so what's your handle?
Who do you LOVE to follow?