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Wednesday 25 September 2013

A Juicy Spring Fling

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You thought you were going to come here and find some sort of deep dark confessional didn't you?

I love it!

Go on admit it - you thought I was going to tell you something reaaaaallly really juicy and scandalous.

Maybe something kind of like how when I was leaving LJ Hooker Real Estate last week I just happened to bump into that totally hot guy that plays Jack in Revenge - the one that I have no idea what his name is but I know he is super hot.

And how 'Jack' followed me home and politely asked my husband if he could steal me away for a completely platonic weekend in the Hamptons, because there was some amazing real estate he had just received a tip off about and that I simply HAD to see it.

You are then going to die of shock when I tell you that since we are indeed in the market for a rambling beachfront Hampton's home, my trusting husband insisted that I go immediately with Jack, check the property out and buy it there and then if my heart told me to.

You'll start screaming at the computer screen in pure envy when I tell you that I did indeed go with Jack but then spent the whole time fighting off his amorous advances when he admits that his intentions really were not so pure after all and that ultimately he wants me to call home and send for my toothbrush and go and live with him in a house that he spontaneously bought for me - which just so happens to be the house from Somethings Gotta Give - fully furnished!

And then finally you will throw your coffee cup against the wall in pure frustration when I inform you that I pushed Jack away and said "no Jack NO" "I Will not give in to you, you devilishly irresistible man, as I am far too in love with my husband and my kids to ever think of leaving them for some hot guy and an even hotter house in the Hamptons. And even though my children at this moment are waiting patiently at home for me to return so they can finish their drive mum irreparably insane project, my decision is final - I am leaving you alone in this totally to die for and exquisitely furnished home you have just wasted your money on in an attempt to steal me away from the man I love".....

or something like that.

Holy Shitballs, I think I just gave you ultimate fantasy all neatly bundled up in less than 300 words.


Now the stuff I was actually going to tell you about today seem like a big bucket of poo in comparison to that epic story.

I was just going to show you how Spring has led me to have a little fling with colour this season, only I find myself torn between my love of a neutral base with a pop of natural colour from some greenery or letting my inner Bohemian Goddess come out of the closest and indulge in one great big colour orgy.

Now that sounds totally boring in comparison to what you thought you were coming here for so I am just going to leave you with a couple of mood boards I created to help me decided which theme I love more this Spring, and I'll go back to my fantasy and pretending that those screaming kids in the other room aren't really mine - they belong to my real estate agent.