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Thursday 9 January 2014

Expose Yourself

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When it comes to home decoration I suffer from Multi-personality disorder. Actually who am I kidding, I think I just suffer from that full stop. I'm a Gemini and I'm decisive, no actually I mean indecisive, no wait... SEE!

I am such a sucker for home magazines and I could literally spend days just pouring over pages after page of people's homes, mentally imagining myself in there with my family  and living my life.... but in their home.

The result of this pleasurable pastime of mine means that one minute I am lusting all over palm trees, weatherboard and white washed wood and then faster than you could open a can of Cabots I am over that and into industrial design instead.

And then I go and spend a couple of minutes on Pinterest and I decide that I don't really need a bricks and mortar home after all and I start fantasizing about turning my family into a bunch of Gypsy nomads and we will all live in a vintage caravan with batik sunshades covered in lanterns and propped up by weathered driftwood.

See what I mean?

My home has been mentally redecorated at least 20 or 30 times since we purchased it 9 years ago and the furniture has been stripped, painted, then stripped again and we have also rearranged it in every possible combination.

This week I'm drooling all over exposed brick walls.... correction kind of damaged and perfectly imperfect exposed brick walls.

When I see them I can imagine myself living in a New York Loft style home with a glowing fireplace and fairy lights softening the harsh edge of the walls. Oh and in my imagination I am also sipping on martinis complete with olives.

The fact that I'm not particularly fond of martinis and I don't care much for cold weather is irrelevant, but a girl can fantasize right?


Are you lusting after any particular decorating style at the moment?
What does your current dream house look like?