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Tuesday 21 January 2014

Celebrations and Flashbacks

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January is a big celebratory month for us around these parts. No sooner have we recovered from Christmas and welcomed in the new year, but we then head straight into birthdays and anniversaries.

On Sunday our middle boy Sammy turned 9.

Ohhh my little munchkin. Nine whole years since I dosed up on the Castor Oil and gave myself the worst case of diarrhoea ever. Of course it did spark the contractions and got things moving, but I wouldn't recommend anyone to do it as it also resulted in a very fast and very intense labour and ever since then that kid has done everything at a million miles an hour. I blame the castor oil of course and nothing to do with  bull in a China shop genetics.

Yesterday, Carl and I celebrated 18 years of marriage and man does THAT makes me feel old. A whole
18 years since I married my best bud, the love of my life at the most fabulous 'Do at the Zoo'.

We were spring chickens at the time, I was 22 and he was 25 and people delighted in telling us we wouldn't last because we were so young. We love that we proved them wrong.

We had already been together for 4 years by the time we married, and as far as we were concerned - why wait when you know? Because you do know don't you, you just know when you have met 'The One'?

This year we combined our anniversary and Sam's birthday celebration into a day out for the family. A couple of special requests from the birthday boy were that the ideal day would involve eating lobster, a beach and skateboarding.

I am proud to say we nailed it and check everyone's boxes. Lunch at the Fish markets, skateboarding at Waterloo and Bondi, a little inner city shopping and dinner at Watsons Bay before heading home broke, exhausted and stuffed to the eyeballs.

I thought it would be fun to look back at some of the magazine covers from the year we got married, because I don't know, I like to look back and laugh at what we once thought was the height of fashion ... or something like that.

Wow times have changed.

In 1996 The Supermodels were still going strong, Jennifer Aniston was rocking the most wanted hair do and Oprah was on a diet. Princess Diana and Prince Charles split up, Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie were getting it on, and Pammy was still pert enough to grace the cover of Playboy.

Flashbacks anyone?

I'll leave you with some magazine covers so you can take a little wander down memory lane for yourself.

What year did you get married? Do you remember what was in or happening that year?