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Thursday 16 January 2014

Make Your Own Sour Sherbet

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I know I know, any mother in her right mind will be reading this right now and screaming at the computer "ARE YOU INSANE SONIA? Why are you giving your kids sugar... in the holidays... when you have to put up with their manic high?"

Oh and I totally get where you are coming from I really do.

But you see, for the 15 or 16 minutes it took them (give or take) to make this, they weren't fighting, and that yep THAT is why I said yes. Oh and I kinda like sour stuff myself although I pretend to them I don't.

So enough of my rabbiting as this isn't my project today. Nope Kai did a little Googling himself (bless him, he's so my son) and came up with a recipe to make sherbet and then he tweaked it a little to make it totally sour like those God awful war head thingies they like to eat.

Over to you Kai....


Hi everyone,

I am going to show you how to make my special sour sherbet, otherwise know as Kai's ATOMIC POWDER and you have to promise to let your kids make it okay.

It's really fun and really easy and Mum likes it because it doesn't make much mess, but don't tell her I said that.

This is what you need.

2 bowls, a sifter and a teaspoon.
Citric Acid, Baking Powder, Icing Sugar and Whatever flavour Jelly Crystals you like.

Into the sifter put 1 teaspoon of baking soda, 1 and a half teaspoons of citric acid, 3 teaspoons of jelly crystals (grape is really yum) and 2 teaspoons of icing sugar.

Sift it all together, give it a mix and then sift it all again to make sure it is really fine.

Then put it in a bowl or a bag, dip a lolly pop in and eat it. It's also really good sprinkled over ice cream.

Mum likes to put it in all her cute bowls with washi tape and take photos and stuff and we let her because it keeps her happy.

You can make it more or less sour by putting more or less citric acid in it, or sweeter by putting more jelly crystals in it. Mum said to warn you that too much citric acid will give you a sore tongue. Just ask my brother when he finishes crying because his tongue hurts.

Anyway I hope you like it and thanks for having me.