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Monday 27 January 2014

The Sound Of Insanity

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You know that feeling you get when you are really agitated and then you hear a certain sound and it is enough to send your agitation level through the roof and then veins just kinda start popping on your forehead because you can't cope with the noise?

Yep that.

The kids are all out on the street playing cricket with the neighbours and I have just sat down to enjoy the peace and quiet. I have an icy cold G&T sitting next to me and my own little bowl of baja mix that I intend to share with no one. Trust me when I tell you that not having to share in this house is a real treat and usually only ever comes about if I am locked in the bathroom with a fictional case of diarrhoea. Funny how no one wants to come near me then.

Anyways, so I have this lovely serene atmosphere going on and I thought that it would be the perfect time to finish a couple of posts I have in drafts.

All sounds good right? Too good even?

Yep far too good because as soon as I opened my laptop the neighbour revved up the whipper snipper and has decided to cut his lawns.

Now of course in theory there is nothing wrong at all with that except for the fact that whipper snipper noise is one of those grating noises that have the ability to send my blood pressure skyrocketing through the roof and I usually prefer to be somewhere else when whipper snippers are doing their thing.

I have no idea why that is, it just is.

There are a number of sounds that have this EXACT same effect on me and I have them clearly labelled in a box that says 'most hated please Shut The F*** Up sounds' .

Cicadas having sex. If you live in Australia you will be very familiar with the deafening noises we have had to put up with this summer as the Cicadas have come out of their holes in the ground for their 17 year Orgy.

Whilst we are on the subject of having sex and noisy animals.... fruit bats having sex outside my bedroom is also high on my 'most hated please Shut The F*** Up sounds'  list.

Whipper snippers, lawnmowers, electric saws and anything that sounds like hot sweaty manual labour get me all hot and bothered for totally the wrong reasons.

Whining... the type where the kids raise their voice about 10 octaves and incessantly moan. And actually the sound of kids fighting full stop.

Taps dripping. Enough said.

Bugs, whether it be a mozzie buzzing at night when you are trying to sleep or the sound of a fly buzzing on a hot humid sticky day.

Coughing, especially if the someone coughing is one of your kids and you know it is going to continue throughout the whole night.

The sound of tech decks tap tap tapping as kids flip them on little plastic ramps... and yet I brought those damn things for them so I just need to shut up and suck it up.

The sound of the phone ringing on the one morning you have to sleep in.

Alright so now I am wound up tighter than a two dollar watch .... tell me, what sounds send you spare crazy?