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Friday 31 January 2014

Random and Rambling.

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All week... correction all month I have been looking forward to having the house to myself again for the hours the kids are at school during the day.

I've moaned and whinged about noise, mess, chaos and fighting and I have gone on and on about how desperate I am for a little time to get on top of all the things I have let build up over the holidays.
And yet the very first day the kids are back at school and the hubby is at work, I end up walking around the house twiddling my thumbs and not knowing what to do with myself.

Oh I have shitloads I SHOULD be doing. Work to catch up on, projects to dive into, washing to sort through, bedrooms to clean out and yet I pretty much spent the day just faffing about, moving bits and pieces and then moving them back again, thinking about stuff I could do and not actually doing any of it.

I have made far too many cups of coffee to the point that I am pinging off walls and I even RAN out of the house to get the mail and say hello to the nice mail lady. I'm pretty sure she has never been greeted with such enthusiasm and  I practically had to gag myself so I didn't beg her to come in for a cocktail session. She was keen to give me my one lone Plum Superannuation letter and move on with her day.

I took some photos.... of no one and nothing.

I made some lunch and couldn't be assed eating it.

I washed some clothes and forgot to hang them out.

And I had a wonderful but somewhat onesided conversation with my dog about the merits of apple cider vinegar.

Let's face it I'm a little lost. There were no punch ups to break up, no Lego to trip over and no one begging for something to eat or dying of boredom.

Could it be I have become conditioned to the noise and chaos and I can't function without it anymore?

Holy shitballs, tell me that isn't so and rather it is just going to take me a few days to get used to the quiet again.

Here's some random photos I took. Do you need your toenails cut?