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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Gorgeous Homewares and Cold & Flu Medication - a Dangerous Mix

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Helloooo I'm alive... if you could call it that.

After my smart ass bragging about how I cleaned and organised the house whilst suffering from Man Flu, the universe decided to teach me a lesson and kicked my ass with the biggest dose of the lurgy that I have ever had. Hence why my snotty nose and puffed up eyes and I have been feeling rather sorry for ourselves and went into hiding with a big box of tissues and a shitload of icy poles.

Earlier this week though, before I collapsed in a heap from my female equivalent of man flu, I was invited to the launch of the Freedom Autumn / Winter 2014 range.

Given I was as high as a kite on Cold and Flu Tablets I am surprised I managed to aim my camera anywhere let alone actually take any photos.. But I did because well just LOOK AT ALL THIS GORGEOUSNESS.

The launch took place in one of those divine inner city terraces. You know the type you walk past and kind of linger on the sidewalk out the front trying to get a sneaky glimpse inside to see what wonders are hidden behind the walls.

This home didn't disappoint and with it's moody distressed walls and sophisticated palette it was the perfect backdrop to showcase the gorgeous jewels that make up the new Freedom seasonal range.

Now I have no idea what the technical terms are for the various decorating styles. I am a mere suburbanite who is a devout lover of home wares and is dedicated to decorating my home on a budget. I am also the one that humiliated herself by pronouncing Faux as Fox so that should really highlight to you my lack of professional knowledge.

Faux / fox, whatever.... fox would have been totally accurate in describing this bedroom scene which I feel head over heels for, as it had a distinctive woodlands feel to it complete with Paper woodland characters crafted by James Gordan.

I was very very tempted to curl up in that bed... no, really, I don't think you understand just how tempting it was.

So rather than me ramble on and try and use terminology that I have no qualifications to use, let me leave you with these images and I'll go back to my box of tissues and feeling sorry for myself. You will however now understand why I will be hitting my local Freedom store hard this winter... like really hard!

Here's some of my top picks, items that I will be seriously lusting over until they come home to live with me.

http://www.freedom.com.au/homewares/lighting/table-lights/23399693/tre-table-lamp-metallic-copper-colour-metallic-copper-colo/http://www.freedom.com.au/default.aspxhttp://www.freedom.com.au/default.aspxhttp://www.freedom.com.au/default.aspxhttp://www.freedom.com.au/default.aspxhttp://www.freedom.com.au/default.aspxhttp://www.freedom.com.au/default.aspxhttp://www.freedom.com.au/default.aspxhttp://www.freedom.com.au/default.aspxhttp://www.freedom.com.au/default.aspxhttp://www.freedom.com.au/homewares/decorator-accents/floor-rugs-mats/HTML Map
You can check out all the new lines over on the Freedom website, but I take no responsibility for any loss of control you have.

*Please note this is not a sponsored post, I was guest of Freedom and someone who is a dedicated Freedom Shopper. All opinions are my own but my interpretations may have been influence by cold and flu medication.