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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Nocturnal Games and A Giveaway

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CONGRATULATIONS TO: KELLEY +Kelley Magnetoboldtoo 

my favourite game is the cold feet on the warm testicles don't piss me off again game.
I believe it is self explanatory.

Our bedroom is the scene of many a nocturnal game... mind out of the gutter people, I'm not talking about THOSE kind of games. I'm referring to the non kinky type of games that take place in our household. I'm sure you know the games I am referring to, in fact I'm willing to bet on it that you have taken part in a few of them yourself.

1. The Please Stop Freaking Snoring Game.
Ahh an old fave of ours and you may well be familiar with it too. You roll them on their side, they roll back again. You cover your head with a pillow to block out the God awful sound and try and stop yourself from covering their head with the very same pillow. You eventually either punch them really hard, kick them out of bed or give up and go find somewhere else to sleep yourself.

2. The I'm Gonna Stand Next To Your Bed Like a Zombie and Freak the Crap Out of You Game
Yep this is the one where your kids wander into your room in the dark of night whilst they are still asleep and then stand next to your bed and scare the bejeezus out of you. If you are really lucky they might laugh hysterically and start speaking in another language.... or not

3. The Quick - He's About to Wee in The Dog's Bed Game.
This one is self explanatory and needs no more discussion.

4. The Bed Swapsie Game.
Possibly one of my least faves. This is the one where everyone plays swapsies through the night and where you wake up in the morning is anyone's guess.

5. The Bed Sharing Game.
The one where you desperately cling to a corner of the bed, determined to not be kicked out by the husband, the dog and the numerous kids who are slowing staking claim on every available inch of mattress. Another one I'm not particularly fond of.

6. The Doona Tug of War.
One minute you are too hot and he is cold and the next you are too cold and he is too hot and so the on off doona dance begins. He pulls it up, you push it down repeat times 50 and then the game ends when your husband wraps himself tight in the doona and refuses to share at all. Not a problem in the summer but in Winter when I have insisted on having the window open in what feels like a minus 50 degree temp just so I don't feel claustrophobic.... I'd like a little of the quilt thanks.

Enter the Venus and Mars Doona from Tontine. This doona could quite possibly solve a lot of arguments in our house as it has a warmer side and a lighter side, which makes it perfect for couples like us who have different preferences when it comes to sleeping temps. It has a natural cotton cover to keep it fresh, is filled with treated natural wool, is Antibacterial treated to prevent bacteria from taking hold and it is machine Washable. FOR THE WIN!! I can also reassure all my fellow OCDers that although one side is heavier than the other, it doesn't look all wonky and uneven when it's on the bed... in fact you cant even notice the difference at all.

You can read more about the Venus & Mars Doona on the Tontine Website here and find your closest stockist here.

I have one Queen size Doona valued at $109.95 to give away to a lucky winner.

All you need to do is leave me a comment telling me your favourite bedroom game... of the non kinky kind ;)
Follow the rafflecopter prompts and I will give my hubby the pleasure of picking a winner whilst he is sleeping on the couch because of his snoring.

The competition is open now and closes on Sunday 16/02/14. It is only open to Australian residents sorry.

Good Luck!
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*I was gifted a Tontine Doona in exchange for a review. All opinions and wording are my own.