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Wednesday 24 September 2014

Taking Stock This September - The Mean Mum Edition

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I love Pip's Taking Stock list over at Meet Me at Mikes, and so I thought it would be the perfect way to waste an hour fitting here in the sunshine on the back deck whilst I wait for my kids to clean their rooms so we can go to the beach already.

Hope you are enjoying your day whatever it may be that you are doing.

Making: A cover for an ottoman I picked up on the roadside. Finders keepers and all that!
Cooking: With my Dad. I love spending time with him in the kitchen creating stuff.
Drinking: I have a love affair going on with the old gin. Sorry Vodka, we are not over though.
Reading: Gone Girl, well I'm about too. I went and brought it today at everyone's recommendation.
Wanting: My children to hurry up and clean their rooms so we can go to the beach.
Looking: At my toes and thinking how much I despise feet.
Playing: Candy crush... yes still. Level 503 baby! I have a problem.
Deciding: Whether to cut my hair short again or not.
Wishing: The world is a much calmer place than it is right now.
Enjoying: Burning sandalwood and listening to sounds of Bali on my iPod whilst I sit on the deck.
Waiting: For the kids to finish cleaning their rooms!
Liking: The explosion of kindness I see around the traps another. Kindness makes my heart sing.
Wondering: If our neighbours hate living next door to such a noisy bunch.
Loving: Not having to rush in the mornings during school holidays.
Pondering: How hard it would be to build a day bed for my back deck.
Considering: Going upstairs with garage bags and cleaning those kids rooms for them REAL good.
Watching: The Bachelor... well I will be tonight!
Hoping: This gorgeous weather is here to stay now.

Marvelling: At how ugly feet really are.
Needing: Someone to come and iron a shitload of clothes for me,,, cause I flipping hate ironing!
Smelling: The sandal wood.
Wearing: Black leggings and a little black floaty dress with new leopard print slip ons.
Following: Maxabella's teach me series. Inspiring stuff!
Noticing: My dog's are in desperate need of a clipping.
Knowing: I am truly doing what I love work wise these days.
Thinking: I need to pull my finger out and do more exercise.
Admiring: Snappystreet's gorgeous photography.
Sorting: Through my paperwork... or at least thinking about it. Whatever!
Buying: This dress from Birds Nest... because... just because!
Getting: Cranky at my kids because they are taking WAYYYYYY too long with those bedrooms.
Disliking: The news and all the awfulness in the world right now.
Opening: Gorgeous cards in the mail from a gorgeous online friend.
Giggling: At my dog who has a squeaky bum. No really it IS the dog.
Feeling: Relaxed
Snacking: On lunch - Smoked Trout on sourdough.
Coveting: This living room. Oh the glorious colour!
Wishing: Time wouldn't go so damn fast.
Helping: Raise money for my kid's footy club so they can play in Fiji next year... and I can go watch
Hearing: My kids fighting instead of cleaning bedrooms.

I'd love it if you pick a couple of things from the list above and give me a little peek into what you are thinking / feeling / hoping for right now.

P.S I am the meanest Mum in the world as the kids did not do their rooms in time and therefore we did not go to the beach today. They should have listened when I said "try me".