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Wednesday 12 August 2015

Ten Ways To Turn Your Wife On... That You Probably Didn't Know About

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There are many things about my hubby that I find to be a turn on.

His muscly arms, his blue eyes and wickedly long lashes and then there is his shy smile and his nurturing nature.

Hold me, my heart is fluttering.

That being said, those things are probably the typical sort of things that most of us would list off if we were asked what turns us on about our partners.

But let's put the physical aspects aside for a moment because gentlemen... you don't need muscles or lashes to turn us women on.

Nope, there are like a zillion other ways you can turn your wife on that have absolutely nothing to do with looks or physical attributes.

Flowers are nice.

Actually flowers are very nice. As are back rubs, new shoes and sparkly things. But again, these are not the things I am talking about today.

Hold your wallets lovers, cause if you are really looking to turn on your wife, here are ten sure fire ways to get the temperature rising.

1. Know your way around the kitchen and don't be shy in offering to cook dinner. We won't mind. At all. No REALLY. You get bonus points if you play good music whilst you cook, are shirtless and know the difference between a spatula and a spatchcock.

2. Give your partner a massage that doesn't stop after five minutes with a slap on the ass and a premature "My turn".

3. Put your toe nail clippings in the bin rather than in a pot plant. Enough said.

4. The sight of a man washing, folding and ironing clothes will do it every time. No really! I'm getting all hot and bothered at just the thought.

5. Be nice to her friends. Nothing makes me prouder than seeing the man I love taking the time to get to know my friends and laughing with them. Like really laughing. And preferably not AT me.

6. Procreate. Seriously! Nothing gets the hormones pumping then seeing a dad being goofy with his kids, playing dress ups and giving them cuddles. Just watching a dad spend time with his kids will do it full stop.

7. Learn how to bail your partner out of a boring conversation, an awkward encounter or any kind of tricky situation with nothing more than a 'look' from her. Know that look. Burn it into your memory and never ever miss it when it is thrown your way.

8. Take your partner's side in any argument with an outside party, whether she is right or wrong and especially when she is arguing with a rude shop assistant over dodgy prawns.

9. Never ask a woman how much something cost. If you need to know, trust she will tell you.

10. Never ask a woman if something is new. Just tell her how gorgeous she looks in that outfit, give her a kiss and - howzaaat - you are in like Flynn!

What about you? 
Got any other 'turn ons' you could suggest to our beloved males?