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Monday 24 August 2015

Thems Be Rainbows There My Friends...

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Hi you guys.

It's a late night one from me because I'm just sitting here with so much running through this tired old brain of mine and so much I want say.

First of all though, I just wanted to start this post by saying that I am OK and Carl and the boys are all OK too, but life threw our family one hellava curve ball this past week when we found out my beautiful mum is unwell and it has left us all a bit shell shocked to say the least.

Life is cruel like that sometimes isn't it?!

You wake up in the morning full of expectations about how your day will pan out, but by nightfall, everything can change and you go to bed wondering what the hell happened?

No matter how much we think we are in control of our lives, the reality is we aren't. 

That's a hard one to swallow for a control freak like me. 

Not being in control that is.

I pride myself on the fact that generally when it comes to day to day stuff, I am in control. I'm organised and careful and considerate of how each day will run. 

But we can't control everything.

As much as I like to think I am Captain Invincible, the commander at the helm of my family's ship, the MC of my very own freak show, well the reality is that life simply insists on reminding us all every now and then that no one is invincible and as much as we may want to - we cannot always protect ourselves or the ones we love from what life has planned for us.

You can be mad, you can be disappointed, you can be so frigging pissed off you risk combusting with rage... yep you can be all that, but you still can't control everything.

I came upon a card yesterday that someone sent me a while back. It said;  

There are no rainbows without the rain. 

It's true, how can there be rainbows if there is no rain to highlight them?

The rainbows are there. 

They are always there... if you remember to look for them.

Even accidents or illness bring their own rainbows you know? 

Yeah, OK, I know that sounds totally and utterly insane and you could be excused for thinking I have been drinking that whackadoodle kool aid, but stay with me on this... when you or someone you love is unwell, it suddenly puts everything into perspective. 

You look at things differently and you refocus and re prioritise and let go of all the small crappy inconvenient things that you normally allow to weigh you down. 

You become more mindful of your own health and wellbeing and how there are people who count on you to take care of yourself.

Most importantly - you realise that nothing and I mean NOTHING is more precious than spending time with the people you love and telling them that you love them.


Thems be rainbows there my friends.

Please don't ever let life scare you so much that you forget to look for them.

Now go and hug your people and tell them that you love them OK?!