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Monday 18 February 2013

Let's Try Dancing WITHOUT Sucker Punches and Wedgies

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Last week was one of THOSE weeks. You know the type - the ones that sneak up behind you and sucker punch you in the guts before giving you one hellava massive wedgie.

Yep those!

Being away for the week for work on the second week back at school meant chaos was invited into our home and my life. And when I say invited I mean we literally rolled the red carpet out and served Cristal to it .... only I certainly didn't get to sip any of that liquid Gold, The hubby and I were too busy cleaning up the spills.

Now that the year has gained momentum and is powering ahead at full speed, we are expected to get our shite together (it is nearly March after all). More than ever we need to rely on our routines to get us by. The problem is with the 3 kids now at school and playing sport, we have outgrown our old routine and we need a whole new dance number. So like any two left footed dancer, I am currently fumbling my way through the new choreography trying to find my groove.

My hat goes off to large families as I seriously find it tough managing a family of 5, God knows what catastrophes would ensue if I was left in charge of a bigger crew.

The good news is Flynn is finally starting to settle in at school. After a week of tears and meltdowns (on his part as well as mine), he is finally saying Goodbye without a flood happening from his eyes. It seems I may have been a big part of the problem and he was perhaps picking up on my anxiety, because when Dad took him to school last week whilst I was away - we made progress - like MASSIVE progress. Like the lights were no longer making his eyes cry - kind of progress.

So it got me thinking about how we feed of each others energy and how perhaps I can positively manipulate how our mornings go, our afternoons and our evenings all by the way I approach them. If I expect chaos and stress then that's pretty much what I am going to get. If I think I am going to be served up meltdowns with a side of tears, then baby that's what's on the menu. So it goes without saying that if I crawl out of bed begrudgingly then I can pretty much expect the day to react my throwing crap my way.

But what if I expect things to go smoothly? What if I bound out of bed with gratitude and enthusiasm for what the day will bring or at least fake it all like really REALLY well?

Surely the Universe will reward me for my new attitude and allow the Laws of Attraction to come out and play with me?

Its not rocket science right, yet I have spent the past few weeks settling back into work and school and life running around like a newly decapitated chook. Picking up on my fevered frenzy, my little chooks and my rooster all started flapping around making a lot of noise too.

The problem was what we had was a lot of noise and flapping and not much action going on.

So this week its all about changes around Chateau Le Hiccups. We are testing out new routines, new attitudes and new ways of doing things and generally just trying to put together a dance that ALL of us can happily get our groove on to.

A dance that doesn't involve surprise sucker punches and wedgies.

How are you guys settling in now that school has gone back?
What is your secret to keeping everything running smoothly?