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Tuesday 26 February 2013

The Day My Heart Burst and Exploded Gooey Mushy Mother Pride

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There are always going to be days when the kids just completely send you around the bend. You know the drill - They bicker and fight and they are just plain unco-operative.

Those days suck.

On days like that I can't help but feel like I have failed in some way as a mum and to make matters worse, everywhere I look there seems to be perfectly behaved children appearing ready to rub their saintliness in my face.

I know that pretty much every household has those days, and I also know that apart from a wee minority, the rest could be accused of lying if they said their children were perfect angels all the time.

At least that's what I tell myself.

And then there are the days when your beautiful children make your heart swell with so much pride that you think that your heart is surely going to burst. On those days you allow yourself to fist pump the air for an exhilarating moment as you rejoice in the fact that Hallelujah, I did actually do something right with that kid!

We had one of those days last week and on Friday morning I was silently fist pumping the air as I watched my Flynn receive an award at the school assembly for being such a kind and caring friend.

And as if you think that watching my little 5 year old get up in front of the school with a 1000 mega watt smile couldn't get any better.... it could.

This moment was made even more heart melting was the fact that my oldest son who is a Vice School Captain, was presenting the awards that morning with the Principal. And the pride and joy on his face when he read out his little brothers name, will be one of those moments I will never ever forget.

Flynn really struggled in his first 2 weeks of school. He loved it once he was there and they got started with their day, but the separation first thing in the morning was just to much for him to bare and every day began with heart breaking tears.

Last week things suddenly turned around and whilst there was still the trembling lip, there were no tears.

I mentioned to him on the way home from school on Friday about how impressed I was with how strong he has been with all this school stuff this week, and his response to me as he sucked on his cola slushie and stared out the window was  "I can't cry anymore, I have to be brave for my friends who are still sad".

So that's how he did, overcame the tears that is. Bless him, he focused his attention on helping his new friends who were sad and in turn as a totally unexpected bonus, he helped himself.

Oh . My . God! I think my heart burst out of my chest and exploded gooey mushy mother pride all over us.

Double Fist Pump, high fives and cartwheels.

Whilst I am in no way thinking I can take credit for that beautiful little mind of his, surely I must have done something right..... right?

I'm gonna run with it.

At least on the days when they behave like little turds.

Have you had any Mummy melting moments lately?
Do you also get a sore neck watching your kids flick between Jekyll and Hyde?

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