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Tuesday 3 December 2013

The Advent Calender that Almost Didn't Happen

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I procrastinated big time with the advent calender this year, to the point that I spent my Saturday sitting on the couch wrapping little parcels and tying them up with string. Cause I am such a rager these days.

I have been eyeing off loads of different style of calenders over on Pinterest, but the once i loved the most involved the boys unwrapping little parcels. Cause everyone likes to unwraps parcels don't they?

hey take it in turns opening a package each day and each parcel contains 3 little treats and on various days they also contain activities for us to do as a family. Nothing extravagant, but little things that create those special memories.

The activities range from home based things like Christmas Movie Marathons, Christmas craft, candle light Christmas Stories and Baking. And there are outdoor adventures too like going to look at Christmas lights, picnic dinners, a trip to the city to look at the Christmas decorations and Carols by candlelight.

Flynn can't help himself - he's like his mother in that he has to touch everything, and keep touching, and feeling and shaking. All part of the fun right?

All the parcels are wrapped in brown craft paper and decorated with Christmas scrap booking card and ribbon and then tied up to an old bamboo ladder with bakers twine.

It's simple, but I like it and more importantly they LOVED it and that's enough for me.

Do you have advent calenders this year?

There are loads of Christmas Giveaways happening on the blog this December and I love getting to play Santa, so keep your eye out and make sure you enter.