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Tuesday 17 December 2013

Beautiful Gestures

Pin It This time of the year with out a doubt brings out the looney in all of us... OK some of us.

It's a mad rush to get everything ready for Christmas, to buy and wrap the presents, unwrap and wrap them again because you forgot to check what batteries you need and all the other stuff that goes with the whole show!

The kids are finishing school for the year, there are parties and catch ups. The roads are clogged with impatient A**holes and don't even get me started on the pusherinerers in the checkout lines who will run over your toes with 50 tonne trolleys rather than let you and your lone pack of cupcake patties and Betty Crocker icing get ahead of them.....

But then there are those moments that make you go ahhhh. The things you see and hear around you and the heartfelt gestures from beautiful people that brings balance to the chaos.

I have been blessed with quite a few of those this week including two very special parcels that arrived in the mail from two beautiful souls I have never actually met in real life.

Rachael from Hip Brown Home sent me the most divine wall hanging.... would you just look at this stunning artwork that is now proudly hanging in my office that will remind me everyday of the gorgeous people this blogging caper has connected me to - especially Rachael.

And then the gorgeous Dee from The Old Fat Hen and the beautiful Christmas baubles she made us with every member of my family's name on them including the dogs. How thoughtful is that!!!

These out of the blue surprises seriously made my heart swell in the big old gushy way it loves so much. So thank you guys, the two of you more than make up for all the A**holes in the world and their argy bargy shopping trolleys antics, and you remind me yet again just how much awesomeness exists in the blogosphere.

How are you surviving the pre-Christmas mayhem?