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Friday 13 December 2013

Win a Year's Subscription To Your Favourite Magazine

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Here's a weird and wonderful fact about me that you totally need to know (not!).... I read magazines backwards.

I have absolutely NO idea why but when I pick a magazine up I flick through it starting from the back. Once I have been all the way through I then go back and read the articles that grabbed my attention in the initial flick through and THEN once I have devoured those, I start at the beginning and work my way through every page again.

Often I stop and stare at a page of a house or a room for ages and in my mind I am in that room and I am rearranging furniture or moving my own furniture into the room. Then when I am finished playing that very mature game I stare back and forth between the page and my own real life room and think about how I can redecorate my own place.

It's about that point that my husband does the Harry Holt in case he is asked to move anything, build anything or paint anything.

He knows me well.

As much as I adore the online world of websites and blogs and online catalogues, my heart lies with the good old fashioned (if you want to call it that) magazine.

It's the smell, the feel of crisp clean untouched pages (because I will totally bite the fingers off anyone who turns the pages of my new magazine before me). It's the whole experience and indulgent joy of curling up on a chair with a cuppa or a caprioska and losing myself for a while.

I come from a long line of magazine junkies. My Mum, Brother, Sister in law and I have all invested large sums of money over the years to our favourite publications and many a Drs waiting room is chocka block full of pre-loved mags courtesy of us.... except for the ones I cut up, because yes, clearly I am 8 as I still love to cut out pictures of magazines and stick them into a scrapbook and I know there is nothing worse than reading an awesome article only to find a big square has been cut out of the ending because someone wanted the picture or recipe on the other side of the page.

Take a stroll through our house and you will find piles of magazines placed literally everywhere, you know -just in case I feel the urgent need to stop right there and the for a little browse. But um the Home Beautiful pile next to the toilet TOTALLY belongs to my hubby.... *ahem*.

With so many gorgeous mags to choose from these days, it can get kinda expensive if you insist on buying them all, so we have this arrangement going on in our family where for birthdays and Christmas - my Mum and Sister in Law and I buy each other magazine subscriptions.

I'm telling you - it's the gift that keeps on giving because when you finish reading your mag you play swapsies and hand it on to the next person and they give you the latest copy of their subscription. And then you stash them around your house like me until your family members are begging for them back and refuse to give you anymore until you hand them over.... with or without the bits cut out.

Seriously though - magazine subscriptions are the perfect gift for pretty much everyone, even the person you beat your head against the wall trying to figure out what to buy.

Think about it... if you buy them a subscription to a magazine they love (or *cough cough* you love) a new gift arrives in their letter box from you every month or so and they are reminded of how awesome you are all over again.

FOR the WIN people!

Magshop is an online magazine subscription store for Australia's Top Publications. They've got sackfulls of titles with something to suit everyone, from interior addicts to hardcore gamers, wannabe chefs or golf enthusiasts ... although why anyone would feel the need to read a magazine about golf when there are literally hours of the game taking up space on my TV channels that could be used for something far more appealing like Revenge or Vanderpump Rules is beyond me.

Here's a little inside tip for you at no extra charge - if you buy someone a magazine subscription this Christmas from magshop, you are also entered to win one of 10 Hawaiian holidays - Aloha Baby, they can enjoy that magazine whilst you are sunning yourself in Honolulu Honey!

Alright let's cut to the chase shall we. I have a 1 year subscription to your favourite magazine to giveaway courtesy of the fabulous folk at Magshop.

All you need to do is leave me a comment telling me in 25 words or less;
 What's your favourite type of magazine?

Just follow the prompts in the Rafflecopter widget below and Bam, you are in with one mighty big chance to be putting feet up and lapping up some serious reading time.

This competition is only open to Aussies sorry and the competition is open now and closes December 27th at 7pm AEST.
Prizings to be sent mid Jan due to break
The prizing must of Bauer Publications ONLY

See the Rafflecopter widget for the full terms and conditions. Good Luck!

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