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Sunday 15 December 2013

The FINAL Christmas Giveaway

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"Hi Sonja, every second year I volunteer at Sacred Heart to do Christmas lunch - and this is my turn - really looking forward to it, its a great event and great people to work with. My wife is Latvian and we celebrate Christmas eve as the special night where we are having our 8 at our special dinner Christmas eve sitting down with family and parents. Then on Christmas Day, I do Christmas morning with the kids and we have a special breakfast with everyone on our deck after opening presents. Then I'll head off for a few hours and back around 5 to spend it with more family. I love it as not too much running around. Great question and been interesting to read what everyone gets up to. Happy Christmas to your and your family!"

Holy Smokes Batman, this has been one hellava big month for Giveaways and I still have one more. This is the final giveaway for the year so we are only going to run this one for a short time and I will pick a winner next Saturday morning as I would like to try and get most of these goodies to the winner in time for Christmas.

I am always so grateful to all the companies that offer up prizes for you guys, and I get genuinely pee my pants kind of excited when I am offered something you are going to love .... like EVERYTHING in today's pot of goodies.

Let's not waste another moment shall we, we'll just dive right on in.


This is one cool little gadget - it's the ASUS Memo Pad - Yeah Baby! The yeah baby is not technically part of the product name, I added that bit :) 

This is one funky Ultra light and super thin 7-inch tablet with a 10 hour battery life and dual speakers for stereo sound - which makes it perfect for watching movies on whilst you are sitting in bed. 

There are front and rear cameras so that you can be behind the camera taking pics or out in front taking selfies. It also has a whole load of other stuff that I have no idea about ... I mean if you are techy and all that you will totally understand what a  Display IPS 1280X800 HD and has a quad-core CPU,  16GB storage and a microSD card slot for adding up to 32GB more is.... right?

What I can tell you is that the graphics on this little dude are awesome, you can video, take and edit photos (the pixels per inch is even better than the iPad mini),  listen to music and play on Social media, read blogs and search the internet. Priorities people.

The Memo Pad runs on Android 4.2 OS which is the fastest and smoothest version of Android and at $199 RRP from Harvey Norman and other authorised ASUS dealers and this is the perfect touch pad for the kids so they don't keep stealing yours.

You can read more about the ASUS Memo Pad here and I have one sleek black one to give away to one lucky winner!!


Who doesn't love Peter Alexander PJs? I mean seriously, how could you not!! And now you can deck the kids out in the cutest jammies with the Peter Jnr range and the whole family can be totally styling come zzzzz time.

With Super heroes and kombis, flamingos and floral, there is a design that every little munchkin will love and refuse to take off until you have to hold them down and physically peel them off them.... okay maybe that's just my kids. But trust me ok - have a look through the range on the Peter Alexander website here and I challenge you to not go all oooooo and ohhhhhhh on us.

Not only are these PJs super comfy and the top notch quality you expect from Peter Alexander, they just look so damn cute on the little squids.

The gorgeous gang from Peter Alexander have offered up a set of boy and girl PJs to the lucky winner of this giveaway. So totally milk the parental brownie points when these threads arrive in your letter box.


The IKEA foundation has a long history of supporting global children's charities and organisations like UNICEF and the Clinton Foundation and they donate ten's of millions of Euros from their profit to charity every year. They support these organisations so that children in the world's poorest communities still have the possibility of a better future for themselves and their families.

IKEA believes that no matter what the circumstances are, every child deserves a place to call home, an education and medical care. So with that being said, every time you buy a soft toy or kid's book from IKEA between now and January 4th 2014, IKEA will donate a percentage of the sale towards children's education in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe.

To learn more about the IKEA Foundation visit their website here.

I have a collection of adorable IKEA kids soft toys to send to the lucky winner of this month's giveaway.


I have tired many a version of Peppermint Bark and I have seen a zillion and one imitations on Pinterest, but nothing and I mean NOTHING compares to the original Peppermint Bark from Williams-Sonoma. 

This stuff is everything you could imagine from looking at the picture... and more. Dark choc, white choc and crushed peppermint candy - it is the ultimate Christmas Indulgence.

You know how you are supposed to take a hostess gift when you go to someones house for dinner to say thank you? Well this is the gift you don't actually hand over, you just wait until after dinner and then you crack this baby open, plonk it on the table and say Oh I brought you a little gift ... and then shove everyone out of the way and dive in to snag yourself a chunk.

No jokes... okay maybe I might not be QUITE so in your face about insisting we eat it like STRAIGHT after dinner, but trust me... I would not be leaving your house until you share this with me.

If you are ANYwhere near a Pottery Barn or Williams Sonoma store, get there quickly and get yourself some of this before Christmas. Stuff the hostess gift, just eat it all for yourself! Their Peppermint Bark is only available in store so if you are geographically challenged, you will just have to make do with checking out all the other gorgeous Christmas decorations and goodies online here.

I have a tin of Peppermint Bark for the lucky winner to share (or not) with loved ones this Christmas.... you lucky bugger!

So there you have it - the final batch of goodies for my December Giveaways and the winner takes all.
As per usual, entering is super easy, just leave me a comment and tell me; 

How are you going to spend Christmas this year?

Once you have done that, just follow the prompts in the Rafflecopter widget below and Bob's your Uncle's cousin - you are in the running to grab yourself all of this loot.

The Competition is open now and closes on Saturday 21st December at 7am AEST. It is open to Australian residents only sorry. Its a short one this time as I would like to try and get your goodies to you in time for Christmas if at all possible (excluding the Peter Alexander Prize which will be sent direct from the PR company).

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