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Sunday 22 December 2013

Send Yourself This Christmas

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This post is brought to you by Australia Post's Video Stamp

Having your best friend move away is hard. It is even harder when you are 12, it's right before Christmas and you are about to start High school.

Many a tear has been shed these past few weeks after my son's best mate and his family made a massive lifestyle change and moved away.

I can remember myself at almost the exact same age hearing the news that my best friend was moving back to America and I can only liken the feeling to a kind of grief. Grief for the loss for all the plans and dreams you had made together, the end of the sleepovers and late night chats, the carefree days of meeting up wherever and whenever you wanted to see your buddy.

This has been one of the toughest things my boy has ever been through to date and all I can say is thank God for technology. The ability to Skype, call and Facetime whenever they want to speak makes the separation that much easier..... well not easier, but it sucks a little less for them if you know what I mean.

The hardest part for Kai was graduating from Primary School this past week, without his mate by his side.

On the night there was an incredibly moving video interview with the kids and seeing his friend on the video brought all the emotion to the surface again.

At the end of the night, Kai grabbed an extra copy of the video and wanted to send it to his mate with a special Christmas gift and a personal message via the world's first Video Stamp by Australia Post.

The video stamp allows you to not only send your gift this Christmas, but yourself too.... well at least a video of yourself, so it is almost as good as being able to give your best mate or your loved one the gift in person... almost...

I have to be honest, this video is a little gut wrenching to watch as a parent, but I have Kai's permission to share it with you as he thinks the whole video stamp thing is such a genius idea.

The video stamp is free in store with any purchase of Express Post or Express Courier International, and it is simple to use QR code scan-and-record technology.

Watch the video here to see more of how this fabulous idea works.

Christmas time is especially hard when you miss someone and I know a video can never replace being with them in person. But when distance is such an obstacle, sending a piece of yourself via a video stamp makes a gift to someone precious, even more special and may even make separation at Christmas a little easier to bear..

Are you away from a loved one this Christmas?
Who are you missing right now?