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Thursday 5 December 2013

Elf Shakes & Baseball Bats

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I am SUCH a sucker for anything Christmassy. "No shit Sherlock!" I hear you say.

Go on then - roll your eyes at me, I'm happy to wait until you're done.

Sure, I may moan and groan about the organisation, the rush and the stress that kind of comes part and parcel with Christmas (pardon the pun), but you would have to knock me in the head with a baseball bat to stop me from going over the top at every given opportunity.

This is one of those occasions where I go over the top, not where you get to knock me in the head with a baseball bat (although you may very well want to after this post). So if you aren't so much into the extra Christmas hype or if you are in any way freaked out by the elf on the shelf, then dude - click away now.

Right so for those of you who are still with me (with or without a baseball bat) thanks for sticking around... I think.

Last weekend we welcomed back Alfie our obnoxious and mischievous little Elf, just in time to decorate the Christmas tree. And in true Life Love and Hiccups style - we threw him a welcome back  / tree trimming party complete with popcorn, copious amounts of sugar and Strawberry Elf Shakes.

These shakes are one of those things that you can literally make in a flash but the kids will be jumping on couches with excitement ... or that could have just been my kids with all the sugar. Whatever.

All you need is 80 year old vintage milk bottles, fresh Finnish milk from a virgin reindeer and organic wild strawberries.


Any cute little bottles or glasses, white chocolate buds, 100s & 1000's or other sprinkles and strawberry Moove will pretty much do.

Melt the chocolate buds in a saucepan or a bowl in the microwave if you are game, then dip your bottle rims in the chocolate and then quickly dip them into a bowl of sprinkle before the chocolate sets.

Pour in your milk, add a cute straw and put that baseball bat away because you have just earned yourself major brownie points with the kids or something that you can remind them of on the crappy days when you are stressed out and get all huffy shouty at them.

You are so welcome :) bahahaha.

Did you welcome back a creepy little elf dude last weekend?