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Wednesday 12 March 2014

Captain Poopy Pants and The Family Pact.... Or Something Like That

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Last week I received a phone call from a TV producer asking if my family would be interested in being filmed for a new TV show that will be aired later this year. Whilst I cant say much about the show at this stage, I can tell you that we agreed to be a part of it and had a ball with the crew when the filming started yesterday.

Being filmed as a family wasn’t a decision that I could make by myself. It needed to be put before the board (aka the family) for a good old fashioned family vote and so we called an official family meeting to discuss the opportunity and decide our fate in a democratic way.

Now I would however like to take this opportunity to tell you that although 'family meeting' sounds awfully organised and highly functional, the reality is anything but.

The truth is that family meetings in our house never ever even remotely resemble anything like the Brady Bunch family meetings that made me dream of one day being adopted by Mike and Carol or at the very least holding similar family meetings of my own. 

Nope - their meetings looked fun, happy even, and they had loads of group hugs and fuzzy feel good moments. 

The closest thing to hugging our boys usually do during a family meeting is a combination headlock and choker hold when voting doesn't go their way, and more often than not our meetings tend to end with at least one person in tears and chucking a tanty… and that tantrum chucking person isn't ALWAYS me.

And so after much debating and discussing the pros and cons of going on National TV, the vote was unanimous and we agreed to do it.

A pact was made and signed in blood that no one will intentionally humiliate any other member of the family in front of the cameras and that we would try and behave as normal as we could humanly manage.

For the record only one of us signed in blood and the blood was not offered up in any sort of a sacrificial donation or anything. It was more a case of a scab being picked during the meeting and consequently that child bleeding all over the email from the producer I had printed out to show them.

We agreed that doing this show would be a fabulous family bonding experience and that what we would learn had the potential to be completely invaluable.

We also agreed that at no stage during filming would the words poo or bum or any other form of toilet talk come into the conversation. 

Yeah like that wasn’t going to happen.

Yesterday whilst we were filming I gave up counting after I heard poo used at least 3 times and bum no less than 5.

So we will keep you posted when we can tell you more about what we were doing... or not ... depending on whether the governing bodies deem us fit for public viewing.

Oh and for those of you who suggested we leave the poo chart up in all it’s glory on the kitchen blackboard, you will be pleased to know we most certainly did... and proudly so.

Captain Poopy Pants and his poop tally stayed well and truly untouched. 

Keeping it real people Keeping it real.

Do you have Family Meetings?
Do yours resemble the Brady Bunch ones?