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Friday 21 March 2014

The Weekend Rewind Blog Hopping Party 7 - Yo Birthday Boy

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Hey Yo, there's a birthday boy in the house!

Yep 7 years ago (tomorrow) this little dude burst into our world and brought with him a whole lotta noise and a whole lotta sunshine.

From the first gummy smile he was dubbed the smiling assassin as he could win over even the hardest of hearts with that grin. He smiles with his whole face and it just radiates and affects anyone lucky enough to be close by. That smile as cheeky as it is, is a gift that will get him far in life.

Flynn is our little firecracker whose every emotion is amplified by about 50 times that of his brothers. He is energetic, fearless and as individual as they come.

I love that about him - his individuality. He wears it proud and doesn't give a damn as to whether he is deemed cool or not, because he is his own kind of cool and bugger the rest of the world if they don't like it.

I hope he never loses that quality about him as it is awesomely contagious. He is the type of kid that makes me want to dance when I know I can't, he makes me want to walk against the tide even though I know it's hard and he makes me want to throw my arms in the air and shout "HELLOOOO WORLD - ARE YOU READY FOR ME???"

7 years old and he has taught me so much about life already.

Happy Birthday Scoobs!

Alright so let's get this week's linky party started. Here's some of the fabulous posts from last week's link up that I wanted to share with you;

I loved Tahlia's (The Parenting Files) 5 Quick and Easy steps to staying healthy. She makes it sounds so easy and really it should. I now have no excuse not to take a little better care of my body.

My heart goes out to my beautiful friend Trish (My Little Drummer Boys) as she faces yet another battle. Her courage and the strength she shows is beyond inspiring. It is not fair though that one has to prove their strength over and over again. Our prayers are with you Trish.

I was reminded yet again just how much I long for space to spread my family out and to do awesome things like Brenda (13 Acres) has with making her own compost system on her beautiful property. One day... one day!

Jodi (JF Gibson) had me reminiscing with her post about what I thought I would do and be when I grew up. I used to spend hours dreaming about all the different things I could do with my life... and when you are young there are no such things as obstacles.

After reading the hilarious Mumabulous's post I went on to have a dream where I was being chased by a dragon along a pink beach. Normally I would wake up and go "Pffft dragons and pink beaches - as if!" but that shit is real. Oh and apparently so are husbands who can build amazing pieces with furniture with their own hands. You HAVE to check it out!

Thanks to everyone who linked up with Bron and I. We love having you every week.

Alright I have a birthday cake to get organised. Thankfully this birthday boy of mine invited his Nan and Pop for his birthday dinner and instructed them to bring the actual dinner with them. That kid has it sussed don't you think?

Have a fabulous weekend!

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