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Tuesday 25 March 2014

That All Consuming Rush of Love

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I apologise in advance for the sappiness of my post today.. actually that's a lie as I'm not really sorry at all.

Sometimes there is a moment where I am so completely overwhelmed with love for my children and my husband that it literally takes the breathe out of me. It's an all consuming desire to hug them and tell them how I love them with every bit of my being.

I know you know that feeling - you don't have to have kids or a husband to know that feeling. It could be an overwhelming love for your partner, your pet, a friend or a parent. Heck it could be for the taco you are about to devour. I'm not judging.

For all the times the males in my life reduce to me to frustrated tears, there are those precious moments where the insane love I have for them totally overcomes me and I could just eat them up.... in a good way of course... not some weird kind of Hansel and Gretel kind of thing.

All it takes is for them to say something kind to me when I need to hear it the most, or the offer of help when I least expect it.

It could be that they show their loyalty and protectiveness through the way they support me and reach for my hand when they can see that something or someone has upset me.

A simple drawing of us made with so much love will do it to me, as will a look of pure pride on their face when I tell them how happy they make me.

Watching a friend suffering heartache over a sick child or seeing the grief of a parent or one half of a couple who is dealing with an unthinkable loss never fails to ignite a rush of love for my own children and husband. At these times I often feel a desperate need to be in my husband's arms or to go into my kid's rooms whilst they are sleeping and just sit with them in grateful silence and soak up their beauty .

A quiet moment where the kids are playing together peacefully gets me every time and so does overhearing kind words spoken to each other in the back seat of the car when they think I am not listening.

The sound of my boys roaring with laughter with their Dad gets me every . single . time.

What ever the reason that evokes that moment of pure all consuming love for someone or something, I say embrace it. Grab it with both hands and feel every magical ripple of that love. Breathe it in and let it fill your soul with utter gratitude.

I'm so incredible grateful right now, for so many reasons.

Here's to beautiful all consuming overwhelming love.

Who are you grateful for right now at this moment you are reading this?