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Friday 28 March 2014

Weekend Rewind Blog Hopping Party 8 - And Why I Want To Slap You!

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I should start by saying that it's not YOU I actually want to slap... well I hope not, unless you are the lady from the park the other day in which case my hand would be really starting to itch about now at just the memory of you.

Let me go back a step because I'm guessing that at this moment you are probably all "OMG what the F### Sonia, I pop in to say hello and join in with the party and you are threatening to slap me you psycho cow" ... or something like that.

Can we just for a minute talk about those people who give you 'The Look' cause they are the people I really want to slap. They are the ones who watch on as your child does something naughty, rude, cheeky or _____ insert whatever here, and when you turn to them red faced with embarrassment and looking for a little moral support, they do the pursed lip eyebrow raised eye roll at you.


I mean seriously, how hard is it to give a little freaking support to a fellow mum when her kids are being little turds in public. Is the humiliation of looking like you have done a shitty job of raising a respectable member of society seriously not enough???

The other day I was at something for one of my boys at the park and I had dragged my other two tired cranky ones along for the ride. They were hungry and whingy and bored out of their brain, so to try and curb the whining for just a little while I reached for a trusty box of chicken shapes from my bag. One of them - the crabbier one of the two - snatched the box of biscuits out of my hand.

I know right!

I wasn't happy about it, in fact I was majorly pissed at him for being so rude and snatchy - but I was also embarrassed that he had just done that to me in front of other people. And so I turned to the women sitting on the bench next to me looking for geez... I don't know, maybe a little moral support or something?? And she freaking pursed lip eyebrow raised eye rolled me.

For Real!

I wanted to slap her.

No bull. I literally had to sit on my hands to stop them from doing their own thing and reaching over and whacking a little colour into HER self righteous cheeks.

Now I don't condone violence, unless of course a big hairy huntsmen has entered my car whilst I am driving and then I'm totally all "KILL the bastard", but this women made me so furious and when coupled with the child induced humiliation, I really REALLY badly wanted to slap her face.

But I didn't. 

Instead I sat there with my head hanging in shame and I sulked.

Why do women do this to other women? I mean really, how hard is it to show a little moral support to a sister in need?

Alright... enough of my moaning. You came here to party, not to listen to me talk about my compulsive need to slap an asshole or two.

There were so many great posts in last week's link up that I had SUCH a hard time picking just a few to mention. I love the diversity of the bloggers linking up and I love seeing you guys comment on each others posts - as that's the spirit of these linky things isn't it? Getting to know and support your fellow bloggers.

Renee at MummyWifeMe  could have written this post FOR me. It's all about how somewhere along the line she has forgotten how to sleep and spend her nights doing other stuff instead of sleeping and then wakes up feeling like crap etc etc... Sound familiar? Yep me too. Oh and if Renee gets 50 likes on her post she is going to write a Mum's version of Go The F### to Sleep! I so wanna see that!

Em from Have a Laugh On Me has started  #ProjectCalmDownMum  where she sticks post it notes everywhere in places she will see when she would be most inclined to lose her shit. The notes remind her to calm down and Em is encouraging us all to join her in the post it movement. I for one say HELL YES!

Here's mine...

Vicki from Shoppe Girls Styling  is encouraging us to accept that as we get older our bodies change and we to love ourselves for who we are and how our bodies have served us. We can do this by wearing what makes us feel good about ourselves and comfortable. I am so into that!

Emily from You Learn Something New Every Day revisits those age old Why? But WHY? head beating against a brick wall conversation with our kids, and why "Just Because" is a perfectly acceptable answer... thank heavens.

And Annaleis from Teapots and Tractors had my OCD heart doing flip flops over her colour coded Lego storage system. For REALS. Colour coded Lego storage! I know right! It's something I literally dream about.... that and having some Lego eating monster enter our house over night and eat every last single frigging piece of pain inducing Lego.... Ahem.

Thanks to everyone who linked up with Bron and I know I tell you this every week, but we really do get such a kick out of you linking up with us.

Rightio, me and my itchy palms are off to a girl's night tonight. Thankfully there will be no pursed lip eyebrow raised eye rolling for me to worry about .... I hope.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Have you wanted to slap an Asshole lately?

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