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Wednesday 20 August 2014

A Change of Environment

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As I write this I am sitting at a coffee shop just down from my younger boy's school. 

I’m all toasty and warm and enjoying the change of environment and a scrummy breakfast made by someone else who has the time to add the sprouts and the himalayan salt and all the other little touches that maketh a magical breakfast.

I have dropped all three kids at school today… ALL THREE! Yep temperatures are behind us for now, snot is drying up and I spied a break for freedom and an opportunity to get out of the house and so I grabbed it with both hands and ran.

Actually I grabbed it with one hand because with the other I was clutching my laptop, an umbrella and a pile of work I need to get done whilst I am chasing that freedom.

It’s been a while since I have packed up and headed off to work at a cafe for the morning. 

It’s something I usually do once a week in the warmer months, but for some reason I haven't been doing it throughout winter. I don't know why that is? 

Perhaps it is because the thought of getting off my backside and actually leaving the house and getting wet in the process that is a little off putting. Or the fact that it is cold and I have a habit of hibernating in the cold. 

Or maybe I have just been lazy.

Mostly likely it is that. I have been lazy.

As I sit here in the cafe, the chattering around me fills the air with something I miss when I am working at home by myself - company. 

Friends from school pop in to pick up their takeaway coffees on their way to work, to the Gym, to do their shopping or whatever it is they are headed off to do. Some are in a hurry and so we simply exchange a smile and a wave, others are as up for a chat as I am. 

Whatever the case it is nice to have some friendly human (i.e non dog) company in my work day for a change.

I’ve promised myself that this shall be my Wednesday morning ritual throughout out the year, rain hail or shine, no excuses. Once a week year round, I will treat myself to a change of environment, some human interaction, and a plate full of smoked salmon, roast potato hash and lime and black pepper aioli or something like that.

Do you work from home or at an office?
Do you like to change up your work environment too, if so where do you go to?